With one of Christianity's oldest temples, this city is home to numerous significant holy Christian sites and attracts pilgrims from all over.

Being the worldwide spiritual center of the Armenian nation, Vagharshapat is a major tourist destination for Armenians as well as foreign visitors. It is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Etchmiadzin Cathedral, Zvartnots Cathedral, Saint Hripsime Church, Saint Gayane Church and Shoghakat Church, grouped overall as the Cathedral and Churches of Echmiatsin and the Archaeological Site of Zvartnots. The Machanents Touristic Center of Vagharshapat provides a unique facility for the visitors of the town. The complex houses a cultural centre with small theatre, pub and jazz club, traditional cuisine, and a boutique hotel.
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  • Echmiadzin
  • Echmiadzin Cathedral Gardens, Armenia
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  • Saint Hripsime Church, Echmiadzin
  • Saint Hripsime Church (2)
  • Zvartnots Cathedral - Armenia

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