Literally meaning "gorge of flowers," this beautiful resort town offers the best ski slopes in the country.

Tsaghkadzor has a cultural palace and a public library. The Kecharis Monastery is one of the significant religious complexes of Eastern Armenia and one of the well-preserved medieval architectural samples of the Armenian Highland. It was founded at the beginning of the 11th century, consisted of 4 separate adjacent churches. The House-museum of Brothers Orbeli, is dedicated to the Armenian scientists Ruben, Levon and Joseph Orbeli who were native of Tsaghkadzor.
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  • Tsaghkadzor Ծաղկաձոր chairlift
  • Caucasus 046
  • Alaverdi - Armenia
  • Fresco in Kecharis monastery, Tsaghkadzor, Armenia

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