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A magical blend of historic and modern, Armenia's capital is set against the backdrop of breathtaking surrounding mountains.

The history of Yerevan dates back to the 8th century BC. Under Iranian and Russian rule, it was the center of the Erivan Khanate from 1736 to 1828 and the Erivan Governorate from 1850 to 1917, respectively. After World War I, Yerevan became the capital of the First Republic of Armenia as thousands of survivors of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire arrived in the area. The city expanded rapidly during the 20th century as Armenia became part of the Soviet Union. In a few decades, Yerevan was transformed from a provincial town within the Russian Empire to Armenia's principal cultural, artistic, and industrial center, as well as becoming the seat of national government.
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  • Tamanyan Street
  • Cafesjian Center for the Arts
  • Republic Square in Yerevan - The Evening Fountain Concert
  • IMG_9022
  • DCP_2625
  • 20160615_Armenia_7778 Yerevan sRGB
  • Yerevan, Armenia
  • Armenia, Yerevan
  • Mother Armenia.
  • National Arts Gallery, Yerevan
  • Opera Theatre
  • Matenadaran Manuscript Museum
  • Saint Gregory Cathedral in Yerevan
  • Yerevan, Armenia
  • lovers park ....
  • Erevan - The Cafesjian Center for the Arts ou
  • 20160614_Armenia_7660 Yerevan sRGB
  • Hungry, Hungry Hippo
  • Iranian mosque
  • Northern Avenue - VI
  • Sunway Lagoon
  • The Cascades and Alexander Tamanian

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