Located on an island that comprises a reserve, this hilltop town afford superb views of the area and features many historic churches.

Lastovo is home to several interesting sites. The Church of St. John the Baptist was built in 14C, beside the duke's house. The Church of St. Cosmas and Damian was constructed on the foundations of an older church. It is first mentioned at the beginning of the 14C. The Church of St. Joseph from 17C (the simple Renaissance quadralungar building) has a nice facade with two windows, a statue of St. Joseph, and above it there is a circular rose window and a single belfry, built partly through donations by the fishing fraternity and contributions from the Pavlović and Fulmizi families. The Chapel of St. Mary at Grža was built in 15C through a donation by the priest Marin Vlahanović.
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  • Beautiful cove with sailboats and houses on Lastovo, Croatia
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