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Charming and historic, this coastal town is home to well-preserved fortifications, as well as a still extant medieval cityscape.

Situated on a peninsula, Novigrad has retained its medieval structure and layout, with narrow, winding streets and small shops. The fortifications belong to the medieval era: the town wall still stands with its battlements and tow round towers. There are examples of secular architecture from the time of the Venetian empire, such as the town loggia and several houses built inVenetian Gothic style. The present church was built in the 15th and 16th centuries on the foundations of the 8th-century basilica of Saint Pelagius that had a nave and two aisles. Under the present presbytery is a late Romanesque crypt. In the sacristy are 15th-century antiphonaries with beautiful simple initials.
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  • Novigrad, Istria
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  • Leichter Kreuzer Nürnberg und Schlachtkreuzer Scharnhorst (1:250)

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