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A coastal town with a unique pebble beach, frequented by travelers for its good windsurfing, some cultural sites, and many restaurants.

Bol is renowned for its most popular beach, the Zlatni Rat ("Golden cape) is a promontory, composed mostly of pebble rock that visibly shifts with the tidal movement, a unique sight. The sea at Zlatni Rat and, indeed, the entire area is quite crystalline due to the strong current of the strait it is situated in. On a still day the stones on the sea-floor that are 30 feet down look only an arm's length away, and there are spectacular pine trees that grow down the middle of Zlatni Rat. Bol itself is a very popular tourist destination and has a number of harbourside bars and restaurants. Bol is a popular place in the Adriatic Sea, known for good wind surfing conditions.
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