Famous for its Baroque architecture and cultural monuments, this charming old city retains an elegant historic ambiance.

Today Varaždin is a popular destination for the summer holidays. The city has numerous areas of interests ranging from cultural areas (reflected by many museums, galleries and theaters in the area), shopping centers in the downtown core, various sports and recreation facilities, also a rich history in cuisine. The close of the tourist eason is marked by two annual festivals.The annual ŠpancirFest begins at the end of August and ends in September (lasts for 10 days). At this time. the city welcomes artists, street performers, musicians and vendors for what is called "the street walking festival".
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  • Around the castle
  • A street view of Varaždin
  • Varazdin's old castle.
  • Alte Fahne BF Varazdin
  • Palača Sermage
  • Varazdin-8
  • Varazdin 143
  • Varazdin
  • Varazdin cemetery
  • Varazdin 059

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