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One of the main cities of Denmark, Alborg is home to several historic buildings, museums, churches, and parks.

Aalborg is a city in the North of Jutland, Denmark. With its theatres, symphony orchestra, opera company, performance venues, and museums such as Aalborg Historical Museum and the Aalborg Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg is an important cultural hub. The Aalborg Carnival, held at the end of May, is one of the largest festivals in Scandinavia, attracting some 100,000 people annually. Jomfru Ane is one of the most famous streets in Aalborg if not in Denmark. Popular for its cafés and restaurants during the day, it is even busier at night with its clubs, discos and bars. other landmarks include Aalborghus Castle, Aalborg's old city hall, Utzon Center and The Aalborg Zoo.
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