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While a city with a progressive cultural scene, Rakvere also bustles like a small town, with its commanding castle to mark history.

Rakvere is a town in northern Estonia and the county seat of Laane-Viru County. Rakvere is known now for its Tarvas statue of an aurochs, which was made by the Estonian sculptor Tauno Kangro. It is thought to be the largest animal statue in the Baltic countries. The Lutheran church of Rakvere, the Trinity church, originally dates from the 15C and was designed to also be able to function as a stronghold in times of trouble. Renovations were carried out 1727–1730, and again during the middle of the 19C, when the church received its present look, dominated by its neo-Gothic spire. The interior displays some fine craftsmanship, including a Baroque pulpit from 1690 made by Christian Ackermann.
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  • Rakvere
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  • Rakvere, Estonia
  • Vaikas ir jautis | Boy & Bull, Rakvere, Estonia

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