St. Tropez

Always a draw for artists, this beautiful small port is a haven of excellent beaches, cultural events, and cuisine.

Saint-Tropez is a town in southeastern France, located on the French Riviera. After world war II, it became an internationally-known seaside resort, renowned principally because of the influx of artists of the French New Wave in cinema and the Ye-ye movement in music. It later became a resort for the European and American jet set and a goal for tourists in search of a little Provencal authenticity and an occasional celebrity sighting.
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  • St. Tropez Marina
  • Saint Tropez port
  • Port Grimaud Beach
  • Cap Ferret - Arcachon - Océan Atlantique - Picture Image Photography
  • St Tropez Waterfront
  • backside of the Citadelle, St. Tropez

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