A country with centuries of history, culture, and religion, Germany is simply timeless. Even with its rich history, Germany is not stuck in the past and is among the most popular destinations for young travelers. Some of the best cities to visit in Germany include Berlin, Munich, Freiburg, Dresden, and Cologne. Berlin is known for its rich history and trendy, hipster art and music scene. Access the Alps via Munich, a city known for its wealth of museums and pride in its German culture. Discover the hidden gem of Freiburg, with all the cultural pull of Berlin and Munich, but with fewer tourists. Admire historic Saxon architecture in Dresden, and take a day trip to the nearby breathtaking Elbe Valley. Don’t forget about Cologne, a city whose mixed culture is influenced by its proximity to the Belgian and Dutch borders.

The Black Forest, Neuschwanstein Castle, Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland, and the Rhine Valley are among the best places to visit in Germany. With stunning nature, world-class museums, quirky exhibits, and rich German culture, a trip to Germany promises excitement around every corner. With some of the world’s best skiing in the winter, and breathtaking Alpine hiking in the summer, Germany’s great outdoors is rewarding all year round. Immerse yourself in centuries of German history, visit the Berlin Wall, and see Germany’s epic revival with your own eyes.

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Recommended destinations in Germany

  • Berlin skyline
  • Christmas in Marienplatz
  • Freiburg Photowalk
  • Stück in Germany - Dresden After the Bombing, Way after the Bombing
  • Heidelberg (HDR)
  • Hamburg
  • Weihnachtsmarkt, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Blick über Würzburg
  • Lubeck
  • Rail to Heaven
  • Frankfurt Cathedral and the Main
  • F1000012

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