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A flourishing metropolis, Hong Kong boasts Eastern and Western influences reflected in cuisine, architecture, history, and trade.

Hong Kong, officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is an autonomous territory on the Pearl River Delta of East Asia. Hong Kong is one of the world's most significant financial centers. Hong Kong is renowned for its skyline, that has a very high density of skyscrapers; Hong Kong is frequently described as a place where "East meets West", reflecting the culture's mix of the territory's Chinese roots with influences from its time as a British colony. The fusion of east and west also characterises Hong Kong's cuisine, where dim sum, hot pot, and fast food restaurants coexist with haute cuisineץ
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  • Peak View
  • Tian Tan Buddha - Big Buddha
  • Hong Kong Street
  • Hong Kong, Lantau Island - Ngong Ping Village
  • Main Temple, Chi Lin Nunnery, Hong Kong
  • Repulse Bay Beach, Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Museum of History
  • Lan Kwai Fong
  • Hills on Lamma Island, Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong - Dragon's back trail
  • Stairs
  • Clock Tower Kowloon Hong Kong
  • Ngong Ping village
  • 長洲 / Cheung Chau (Hong Kong) /
  • Ocean Park, Hong Kong!
  • Hong Kong Museum 41
  • Kowloon park - Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong - Po Lin Monastery
  • IMG_20171128_104841
  • Mong Kok - Hong Kong
  • 20141231-DSC_0518
  • Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade
  • 甘棠第 Kom Tong Hall, now Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Museum
  • HK13-Hong Kong-Temple Man Mo (12)
  • Kawloon Temple Street Night market
  • Tai O, Hong Kong
  • Kowloon Park, Hong Kong
  • Sai Kung town, New Territories
  • the old and the new on Caine Lane
  • Stanley, Hong Kong
  • VERBENACEAE 馬鞭草科 - Blue Butterfly (Clerodendrum ugandense) 紫蝶花 / 藍蝴蝶
  • Nan Lian Garden
  • Untitled
  • flower market road
  • hong Kong maritime museum
  • Star Ferry (HONG KONG) III
  • Dinosaur
  • Flagstaff House - Museum of Tea Ware
  • Hong Kong Victoria Harbour 01
  • Kowloon - Wong Tai Sin Temple 09
  • Victoria Park and buildings, viewed from Parklane hotel, Hong Kong
  • Sam Tung Uk Museum, restored Hakka dwelling, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Disneyland 283
  • 李鄭屋古墓 1800-Year Old Tomb

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