A small town by the Austrian border famous for its wine, and for wonderfully preserving centuries of architectural gems.

Sopron is a city in Hungary on the Austrian border, near the Lake Ferto. The architecture of the old section of town reflects its long history; walls and foundations from the Roman Empire are still common, together with a wealth of Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque structures, often artistically decorated, showing centuries of stability and prosperity. Places of interest around the city include the city center, Firewatch Tower, Szechenyi Square, Esterhazy Palace, Fabricius House, Chemist's Museum, and more.
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  • View of Sopron from Tűztorony (Firewatch Tower)
  • Sopron / Ödenburg
  • DSC_1834.JPG
  • Sopron - Hungary
  • Sopron
  • Sopron street
  • DSC_1803.JPG
  • Tűztorony és városháza
  • Sopron
  • Széchenyi tér
  • Szent Orsolya tér
  • In the chemists

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