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Enjoy this northern town, steeped in Baroque architecture and famous for its castle, thermal baths, and Hungarian red wine.

Eger is the county seat of Heves, and the second largest city in Northern Hungary. It is best known for its castle, thermal baths, historic buildings, and cuisine. Additionally, Eger is known for its long tradition as a wine region, producing both red and white wines of high quality. Favored by tourists worldwide, Eger is a prosperous city, rich in history, and boasting a charming Baroque town center. Its most notable attractions include the Eger Cathedral, the northernmost Minaret, the Lyceum, Turkish baths, Archbishop's Garden, Serbian Orthodox Church, and more.
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  • Eger panorama
  • Eger (Hungary)
  • Flooded dungeons
  • Visitors' Entrance to Eger Castle
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  • Eger from the hill
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  • Eger from the hill
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  • Hungary  2010  -  Eger

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