This charming little town rests on the bank of a natural thermal lake, famous for its medicinal qualities.

Heviz is a spa town in Zala County, Hungary. The town is located near Heviz lake, the world’s second-largest thermal lake, but biologically the biggest active natural lake. Its temperature is affected by the combination of hot and cold spring waters, coming from 38m deep underground. The biological stability of the lake is shown by the temperature of the water, which has not changed for years and even on the coldest winter days doesn’t drop below 24 degrees Celsius. That makes bathing possible in the lake the whole year round. The city provides facilities for visitors seeking to use the medicinal waters of the lake, including hotels, parks, sports and entertainment.
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  • Thermal Lake at  Hévíz, Hungary
  • Thermal Lake at  Hévíz, Hungary
  • Héviz Streets

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