This sea-side town is known for its gorgeous Old Town, delicious local cuisine, proximity to beautiful nature, and stunning views of the coast.

Terracina is a city and comune of the province of Latina - (until 1934 of the province of Rome), Italy, 76 kilometres (47 miles) southeast of Rome by rail and 56 kilometres (35 mi) by the Via Appia by car. The modern town occupies the site of the old one. The present piazza is the ancient Roman forum, and the Roman pavement of slabs of travertine with the inscription A. AEMILIUS A. F. in letters once filled in with bronze, is well preserved. The paving is supported by massive arched substructures, which extend under the surrounding houses.
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  • Terracina
  • Terracina
  • Tempio di Giove 2, (Terracina)
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  • The 11th century Cathedral of Terracina built upon the site of a Roman temple  whose column drums were reused in the building, Tarracina (Anxur), Terracina, Italy

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