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Untrampled by tourists, this lovely city has its own charm with medieval buildings, fine churches, and canals reminiscent of Venice.

Treviso is a city and commune in Veneto, northern Italy. Treviso is known for being the original production area of the Prosecco wine, and being the town where popular Italian dessert Tiramisu was created. Main sights in Treviso include : The Late Romanesque–Early Gothic church of San Francesco, built by the Franciscan community in 1231–1270; The Loggia dei Cavalieri, an example of Treviso's Romanesque influenced by Byzantine forms. It was built under the podestà Andrea da Perugia (1276) as a place for meetings, talks and games. Church of San Nicolò, a mix of 13th-century Venetian Romanesque and French Gothic elements. The interior has a nave and two aisles, with five apsed chapels.
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