Odessa, Ukraine - Berlin, Germany 8 day trip

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Odessa, Ukraine

1 night Wed. Mar 20-Thu. Mar 21

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Kiev, Ukraine

1 night Thu. Mar 21-Fri. Mar 22

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Kovel, Ukraine

1 night Fri. Mar 22-Sat. Mar 23

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Lublin, Poland

1 night Sat. Mar 23-Sun. Mar 24

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Lodz, Poland

1 night Sun. Mar 24-Mon. Mar 25

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Poznan, Poland

1 night Mon. Mar 25-Tue. Mar 26

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Berlin, Germany

1 night Tue. Mar 26-Wed. Mar 27

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Things to do in and around Odessa

  • vid c balkona
  • DSC_0053
  • Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater
  • Odessa  Beach, Ukraine 2010
  • Odessa kaleidoscope
  • Lagoon
  • DSC00516
  • IMG_5218.JPG
  • IMG_5415
  • Coastal Batterys


Ukraine, Odessa Oblast region

CultureNight lifeFoodHistoricBeaches1 nightWed. Mar 20 - Thu. Mar 21

Resting on the northwestern coast of the Black Sea, Odessa is a major port and a cultural hub of historic significance.

Odessa is a city in Ukraine and a major seaport and transportation hub located on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea. Odessa is also an administrative center of the Odessa Oblast and a multiethnic major cultural center. Odessa is the third biggest city in Ukraine and known in Ukraine as Black Sea Pearl. In 1794, the city of Odessa was founded by a decree of the Empress Catherine the Great. From 1819 to 1858, Odessa was a free port. During the Soviet period it was the most important port of trade in the Soviet Union and a Soviet naval base. Its attractions include Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, Odessa Passage, Potemkin Steps, Port of Odessa, Lanzheron Beach, and more.
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Things to do in and around Kiev

  • A view of Kiev Pechersk Lavra
  • Kyiv: Pechersk Lavra
  • St.Andrew's Cathedral
  • Kiev 24
  • St. Micheal's Golden Domed Monestary
  • High Rope Walking
  • Kiev Botanical Garden
  • 2008 08 21 - 3884 - Kyiv - St Sophia's Cathedral
  • St.  Volodymyr's Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine
  • Голосеевский парк, Киев


Ukraine, Kiev Oblast region

CultureFoodNight lifeHistoric1 nightThu. Mar 21 - Fri. Mar 22

Ukraine's capital and its largest city, Kiev is a historic and culturally diverse metropolis full of theaters, museums, and more.

Kiev is the capital and largest city of Ukraine, located in the north central part of the country on the Dnieper River. The population in July 2013 was 2,847,200, making Kiev the 8th largest city in Europe. Kiev is an important industrial, scientific, educational, and cultural centre of Eastern Europe. It is home to many high-tech industries, higher education institutions and world-famous historical landmarks. Notable sights include Museum of Ukrainian Folk Art, St. Sophia's Cathedral, Andriyivskyy Descent, Mother Motherland Statue, Landscape Alley Park, St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, and much more.
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Things to do in and around Kovel

  • Uzhgorod
  • Uzhgorod
  • Svitiaz lake
  • Tunnel
  • IMG_3782



1 nightFri. Mar 22 - Sat. Mar 23

An off-the-beaten-path destination with authentic Ukrainian atmosphere.

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Things to do in and around Lublin

  • Lublin Old Town (Stare Miasto)
  • Old Town, Lublin
  • Zamek Lubelski, Lublin Castle
  • Lublin Village Museum
  • Untitled
  • ppn1_s
  • Puszcza Solska
  • Untitled
  • Widok z Wieży Trynitarskiej / A view from Trinitary Tower
  • Lublin - Katedra (Cathedral)
  • Lublin Deptak
  • Roztocze


Poland, Lublin region

CultureHistoricNight lifeFood1 nightSat. Mar 23 - Sun. Mar 24

Home to many theaters, clubs, and museums, Lublin styles itself as a thriving cultural hub with vibrant and exciting nightlife.

Lublin is the ninth largest city in Poland and the second largest city of Lesser Poland. It is the capital of Lublin Voivodeship, and not only the largest city in eastern Poland, but also serves as an important regional cultural capital. Since accession of Poland into the EU, Lublin has been called the "Gate to the East". Since then, many important international events have taken place here, involving Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Russian and Belarusian artists, researchers and politicians. Its main sights include the Majdanek State Museum, theaters and cabarets, multitude of galleries, and the Old Town.
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Things to do in and around Lodz

  • DSCF8031.JPG
  • Lodz, Poland
  • Jeleń
  • Lodz Poland - Poznanski's Palace
  • lunapark
  • Kampinoski Park Narodowy /
  • Changing Engines at Brockham Station
  • Piotrkowska Street at Dusk - Lodz - Poland - 02
  • Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Church
  • # 043
  • Radegast railway station Holocaust memorial - Radogoszcz - Łódź, Poland
  • Warsaw Cityscape
  • Czestochowa


Poland, Lodz region

Night lifeCultureHistoricFood1 nightSun. Mar 24 - Mon. Mar 25

Poland's third largest city, Lodz is rich with 19C charm evident in its fascinating architecture, lush parks, and numerous museums.

Lodz is the third-largest city in Poland. Located in the central part of the country, it is the capital of Lodz Voivodeship, and is approximately 135 kilometres south-west of Warsaw. Its main attractions include, the Piotrkowska Street, one of the longest commercial streets in the world; one of the best museums of modern art in Poland, Muzeum Sztuk; the Lunapark, an amusement park located near the city's zoo and botanical gardens; and a vast shopping center called "Manufaktura." In addition, Lodz's Jewish history can be traces in the Lodz Ghetto and the local Jewish Cemetery.
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Things to do in and around Poznan

  • Klodzko/view from the fortress
  • Untitled
  • Poznan
  • 2015, 08 29
  • 61/365 Olympic pool swim
  • s5001332
  • Drawa
  • Zamek Cesarski
  • two croissants asleep
  • RIMG0813
  • Untitled
  • Camp Prison of Dachau
  • T-rex at Bałtów JuraPark


Poland, Greater Poland region

Night lifeCultureHistoricFood1 nightMon. Mar 25 - Tue. Mar 26

A lively city serving as the region's capital, famous for its hectic history, opulent marketplaces, and thriving nightlife.

Poznan is a city on the Warta river in west-central Poland, in the region called Greater Poland. Today, Poznan is one of the oldest and largest Polish centers of trade, industry, sports, education, technology, tourism and culture. It is particularly important academic center, with about 130,000 students and the third biggest Polish university. It is best known for its renaissance old town, destroyed during World War II and then rebuilt, and Ostrow Tumski cathedral. The Tumski Island itself is a place worth visiting, as are the Imperial Castle, the City Hall, and various churches and museums.
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Things to do in and around Berlin

  • Berlin skyline
  • Brandenburg Gate in Berlin at Dusk | Classic Germany Escorted Tour
  • Kulturforum
  • Berlin
  • IMGP8965-natural-history-museum
  • Chinesischer Garten
  • Müggelsee
  • Architektur im Scheunenviertel 6
  • Oranienstrasse
  • Berlin - Bode Museum 02
  • Egyptian Museum / Neues Museum
  • Auwald an der Oder
  • spreewald


Germany, Berlin region

CultureFoodHistoricNight life1 nightTue. Mar 26 - Wed. Mar 27

With rich history, vibrant nightlife, world-renowned cuisine, and amazing museums, there is something for everyone in Germany's capital.

Berlin is the capital city of Germany. With a population of 3.4 million people it is Germany's largest city. Around one third of the city's area is composed of forests, parks, gardens, rivers and lakes. Berlin is a world city of culture, politics, media, and science, home to renowned universities, research institutes, orchestras, museums, and celebrities and is host to many sporting events. The city is well known for its festivals, diverse architecture, nightlife, contemporary arts, public transportation networks, and an extremely high quality of living.
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