Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Vienna, Austria 17 day trip

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  • BeachesBeaches
  • Night LifeNight Life
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  • Historic PlacesHistoric Places
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Trip itinerary


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2 nights Sun. Jun 30-Tue. Jul 02

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Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2 nights Tue. Jul 02-Thu. Jul 04

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Hvar, Croatia

2 nights Thu. Jul 04-Sat. Jul 06

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Zadar, Croatia

1 night Sat. Jul 06-Sun. Jul 07

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Opatija, Croatia

2 nights Sun. Jul 07-Tue. Jul 09

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Bled, Slovenia

2 nights Tue. Jul 09-Thu. Jul 11

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Heviz, Hungary

1 night Thu. Jul 11-Fri. Jul 12

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Vienna, Austria

4 nights Fri. Jul 12-Tue. Jul 16

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Things to do in and around Sarajevo

  • Funereal View
  • 2009_0722_36_Sarajevo
  • National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Eternal Flame
  • 61 BOSNIE HERZEGOVINE - SARAJEVO (synagogue Ashkenazi)
  • Mornings in Tuzla
  • Vrelo Bosne
  • Martyrs Memorial Cemetery Kovači - view from Yellow Bastion
  • Bascarsija
  • Svrzo House, Sarajevo
  • The Old Temple
  • Lukomir
  • boracko jezero
  • Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque
  • National and University Library
  • Sarajevo cathedral
  • Tunnel Museum
  • P9161006


Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo Canton region

CultureFoodHistoricNight life2 nightsSun. Jun 30 - Tue. Jul 02

The capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo is famed for its cultural diversity and many fine landmarks.

Sarajevo is the capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nestled within the greater Sarajevo valley of Bosnia, it is surrounded by the Dinaric Alps and situated along the Miljacka River in the heart of Southeastern Europe and the Balkans. Sarajevo is the leading political, social and cultural center of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a prominent center of culture in the Balkans, with its region-wide influence in entertainment, media, fashion, and the arts. Its main attractions include Gallery 11/07/95, Bascarsija, Vijecnica (City Hall), Svrzo House, Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque, and much more.
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Things to do in and around Neum

  • Neum from the highway (magistrala)
  • Neum Beach
  • Strolling the streets of Neum


Bosnia and Herzegovina, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton region

BeachesNatureActive2 nightsTue. Jul 02 - Thu. Jul 04

The country's only access to the Adriatic sea, this town offers sandy beaches, beautiful nature, and nearby archaeological sites.

Neum is the only town to be situated along Bosnia and Herzegovina's 20km of coastline, making it the country's only access to the Adriatic Sea. Neum has steep hills, sandy beaches, and several large tourist hotels. Prices tend to be lower than in neighboring Croatia, making it popular with shoppers. Tourism, and the commerce it brings, is the leading contributor to the economy of the area. Border formalities with Croatia are relaxed at peak times. Besides a vibrant atmosphere, the town offers a very nice beach to its visitors.
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Things to do in and around Hvar

  • Hvar
  • Bucht von Dubovica
  • Hvar Centre
  • _P0A1775
  • Acque cristalline
  • Hvar & Pakleni islands
  • Quiet beach
  • Franciscan Monastery
  • Old Venetian Loggia, Hvar Town
  • Hvar Town and the Cathedral of St. Stephen
  • Hvar Croatia
  • Bol
  • Split
  • 2009 Holiday, Ciovo Croatia
  • Lastovo Island


Croatia, Split-Dalmatia region

NatureSmall townsBeachesActiveHistoric2 nightsThu. Jul 04 - Sat. Jul 06

A beautiful resort, this vibrant city is home to stunning architecture, picturesque beaches, and an array of historic monuments.

Hvar’s location at the center of the Adriatic sailing routes has long made this island an important base for commanding. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times, originally by a Neolithic people whose distinctive pottery gave rise to the term Hvar culture, and later by the Illyrians. The ancient Greeks founded the colony of Pharos in 384 BC on the site of today’s Stari Grad, making it one of the oldest towns in Europe. They were also responsible for setting out the agricultural field divisions of the Stari Grad Plain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Prosperity brought culture and the arts, with one of the first public theatres in Europe, nobles’ palaces and many fine communal buildings.
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Things to do in and around Zadar

  • Zadar
  • Beach of Zadar
  • Zadar
  • Church of St. Donatus, Zadar
  • Church and Monastery of St Mary
  • Autumn in Croatia
  • Kornati
  • City walls
  • Zadar, Croatia
  • Zadar Market 10
  • Roman forum in Zadar
  • Novalja (7)
  • Vodice. Croatia


Croatia, Zadar region

HistoricCultureNight lifeBeachesFood1 nightSat. Jul 06 - Sun. Jul 07

Rich with fascinating history, architectural diversity, great beaches, and a superb atmosphere, this city is a must for any traveler.

Zadar gained its urban structure in Roman times; during the time of Julius Caesar and Emperor Augustus, the town was fortified and the city walls with towers and gates were built. On the western side of the town were the forum, the basilica and the temple, while outside the town were the amphitheatre and cemeteries. The aqueduct which supplied the town with water is partially preserved. Inside the ancient town, a medieval town had developed with a series of churches and monasteries being built.
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Things to do in and around Opatija

  • Opatija
  • Beach Slatina in town Opatija at sea, sandpits, Croatia
  • La joven de la gaviota
  • Opatija 1
  • Opatija - Villa Angiolina
  • Autumn in Croatia
  • Porec vista general
  • Opatija
  • Cabo da Cornualha / Cape Cornwall
  • Roofs of Rovinj
  • Brijuni Islands
  • UrlaubJuli08_163


Croatia, Primorje-Gorski Kotar region

BeachesNatureSmall townsFoodActive2 nightsSun. Jul 07 - Tue. Jul 09

Dotted with sunlit villas inspired by French architecture, this lovely town boasts excellent beaches and historic landmarks.

The old 14C Benedictine abbey, Opatija Sv. Jakova, from which the town derives its name is located in St. James's Park. St. James's church, built in 1506 now stands on the same spot. The neo-Romanesque Church of the Annunciation with its pronounced green cupola, was designed in 1906 by architect Karl Seidl. Another sight is the Villa Angiolina, built in 1844 by Iginio Scarpa. This villa, transformed into a museum. Opatija is known for the Maiden with the seagull, a statue by Zvonko Car (1956). The town park Angiolina contains many species of plants from all over the world. There is a 12 km-long promenade along the entire riviera, the Lungomare from Volosko, via Opatija, to Lovran.
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Things to do in and around Bled

  • Lake Bled
  • Lake Bled, Slovenia
  • Assumption of Mary Church on Bled Island
  • The island in Lake Bled
  • Bled Castle - Lake Bled, Slovenia
  • Portoroz Marina
  • View from the Wall
  • Bled
  • Adventure Park, Alleghe-IMG_2597
  • Church of St Martin, Bled, Slovenia
  • Izola, Slovenia


Slovenia, Upper Carniola region

Small townsNatureActiveBeachesFood2 nightsTue. Jul 09 - Thu. Jul 11

Home to several historic and recreational attractions, this picturesque town is situated next to a glacier lake of the same name.

Bled is a town on Lake Bled in northwestern Slovenia. It is most notable as a popular tourist destination in the Upper Carniola region and in Slovenia as whole. Bled is known for the glacial Lake Bled, which makes it a major tourist attraction. Perched on a rock overlooking the lake is the iconic Bled Castle. The town is also known in Slovenia for its vanilla and cream pastry Today it is a convention centre and tourist resort, offering a wide range of sports activities such as golf, fishing, and horseback-riding. Other notable near-by landmarks are the Assumption of Mary Church and Triglav National Park.
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Things to do in and around Heviz

  • Thermal Lake at  Hévíz, Hungary
  • Héviz Streets
  • Thermal Lake at  Hévíz, Hungary
  • Siofok sunsets
  • Keszthely
  • View of Sopron from Tűztorony (Firewatch Tower)
  • Tihany


Hungary, Zala region

Small townsNatureActive1 nightThu. Jul 11 - Fri. Jul 12

This charming little town rests on the bank of a natural thermal lake, famous for its medicinal qualities.

Heviz is a spa town in Zala County, Hungary. The town is located near Heviz lake, the world’s second-largest thermal lake, but biologically the biggest active natural lake. Its temperature is affected by the combination of hot and cold spring waters, coming from 38m deep underground. The biological stability of the lake is shown by the temperature of the water, which has not changed for years and even on the coldest winter days doesn’t drop below 24 degrees Celsius. That makes bathing possible in the lake the whole year round. The city provides facilities for visitors seeking to use the medicinal waters of the lake, including hotels, parks, sports and entertainment.
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Things to do in and around Vienna

  • On top of Vienna
  • Vienna Grinzing 0803 355
  • The Belvedere
  • State Opera House, Vienna
  • The Museum of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria
  • Lake Neusiedl, Austria
  • Lobau Hausgraben alluvial forest (48°10' N 16°31' E)
  • 1404_Vienna_658
  • Schönbrunn Castle
  • Hofburg, Vienna
  • Liechtenstein Museum
  • Stein
  • 006 - Burg Kreuzenstein 2012
  • Österreichische Galerie Belvedere palace (Wien)
  • A Mediterranean Harbour at sunset (1771) - Claude-Joseph Vernet (1714-1789)
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Vienna Upper Belvedere
  • 090802_Mariazell_003
  • Aggstein Ruin
  • Karlskirche (panorama)
  • IMG_0108 St Stephen's Cathedral
  • The Ring Hotel
  • A Summer Day View of the Great Parterre, From Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna
  • blick vom umlaufberg hinunter zur thaya
  • The Secession Building
  • Museum of Natural History, Vienna
  • Interior courtyard of MAK
  • Spanish Riding School @ NEC


Austria, Vienna region

CultureFoodHistoricNight life4 nightsFri. Jul 12 - Tue. Jul 16

Vienna, the luxurious capital of Austria, has vibrant nightlife, contagiously joyful atmosphere and fascinating history.

Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria. Art, music, and culture hold a long tradition in Vienna. The Burgtheater is considered one of the best theatres in the German-speaking world. Vienna is also home to a number of opera houses. Many concert venues offer shows for tourists, featuring highlights of Viennese music. There many museums in Vienna, and several of them are in the Museumsquartier. Architectural styles range from classicist buildings to modern architecture. A Vienna ball is an all-night cultural attraction. Major Viennese balls generally begin at 9 pm and last until 5 am, although many guests carry on the celebrations into the next day.
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