Tarifa, Spain - Bilbao, Spain 11 day trip

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Trip itinerary


Tarifa, Spain

2 nights Thu. Oct 10-Sat. Oct 12

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Seville, Spain

2 nights Sat. Oct 12-Mon. Oct 14

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Trujillo, Spain

1 night Mon. Oct 14-Tue. Oct 15

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Salamanca, Spain

1 night Tue. Oct 15-Wed. Oct 16

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Burgos, Spain

1 night Wed. Oct 16-Thu. Oct 17

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Bilbao, Spain

3 nights Thu. Oct 17-Sun. Oct 20

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Things to do in and around Tarifa

  • Playa de los Alemanes
  • Tarifa
  • Las playas de Tarifa / Tarifa's beach
  • Plaza del Polvorista
  • 2012-10-12 12.58.10 HDR
  • setenil de las bodegas
  • parque_natural_la_brena
  • Tarifa Spain - 11
  • Tarifa, Cádiz.
  • Atardecer en la Barrosa
  • White villages
  • Ronda
  • Cádiz


Spain, Andalusia region

BeachesActiveNatureSmall towns2 nightsThu. Oct 10 - Sat. Oct 12

Where the Atlantic and Mediterranean meet, Tarifa makes for superb wind-surfing, as well as a mix of cultural fun and relaxation.

Tarifa is a small town in the province of Cadiz, Andalusia, on the southernmost coast of Spain. The town is located on the Costa de la Luz and across the Straits of Gibraltar facing Morocco. At exactly 36 degrees latitude, it is the southernmost point of the European continent, situated south of both African capital cities of Tunis and Algiers. The municipality includes Punta de Tarifa, the southernmost point in continental Europe.
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Things to do in and around Seville

  • Cathedral of Seville & Views
  • Alcazar
  • There's a single tram line Seville, Spain
  • Santa Cruz, Seville
  • Seville Cathedral
  • setenil de las bodegas
  • White villages
  • Spain - Seville - Real Alcazar - King Don Pedro's Palace
  • Metropol Parasol
  • Plaza de España (Sevilla)
  • Patio de los naranjos de la Catedral de Sevilla.
  • temp_7KEcp1
  • Untitled
  • House of Pilate: Classical fountain courtyard
  • Museo de Bellas Artes Interior 2
  • Atardecer en la Barrosa
  • Desfiladero de los Gaitanes


Spain, Andalusia region

CultureFoodHistoricNight life2 nightsSat. Oct 12 - Mon. Oct 14

The capital of Andalucia, Seville is steeped in its history yet fully embraces the modern-day, providing a full experience.

Seville is a Spanish city, it is the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Andalusia. It is situated on the plain of the River Guadalquivir. Its Old Town, the third largest in Europe, contains three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Alcazar palace complex, the Cathedral and the General Archive of the Indies. The St. Mary of the See Cathedral was built from 1401–1519 after the Reconquista on the former site of the city's mosque. It is among the largest of all medieval and Gothic cathedrals, in terms of both area and volume. The Alcazar facing the cathedral was developed from a previous Moorish Palace. Construction was started in 1181 and continued for over 500 years.
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No accommodation

Things to do in and around Trujillo

  • Trujillo
  • Trujillo
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Trujillo: Entrada al Castillo
  • Trujillo_6_1
  • Monfrague
  • Siller Pass
  • Trujillo
  • Trujillo
  • Las Hurdes - Meandro III


Spain, Extremadura region

Small townsHistoric1 nightMon. Oct 14 - Tue. Oct 15

Dating to the Roman era, this town is made of an historic hilltop section and modern lowlands, boasting rich architectural variety.

Trujillo is a Spanish city and municipality located in the province of Caceres, Extremadura. Trujillo is both a center for tourism, with over 25 hotels, and a regional market town.The old town contains many medieval and renaissance buildings. Many of these were built or enriched by the conquistadors born in the city. Pizarro's equestrian statue stands in the main square, the Plaza Mayor. The most important monuments are the castle (old Arab fortress), the church of Santa María (thirteenth century), and the church of San Francisco.
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Things to do in and around Salamanca

  • salamanca bird view
  • Salamanca street 2
  • Plaza mayor
  • La Catedral Vieja de Salamanca
  • Old and New Cathedrals / Catedrales Vieja y Nueva, Salamanca
  • Las Hurdes - Meandro III
  • La Peña de Francia
  • _BRK0495
  • Casa de las conchas (2)
  • Cvto de las Duenas
  • san Esteban de Salamanca
  • La iglesia visigoda de San Pedro de la Nave


Spain, Castile and Leon region

HistoricCultureFoodSmall townsNight life1 nightTue. Oct 15 - Wed. Oct 16

The historical richness of Salamanca's architecture has earned it a status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Salamanca is a city in northwestern Spain, the capital of the Province of Salamanca in the community of Castile and Leon. Its Old City was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. It is one of the most important university cities in Spain. Salamanca attracts thousands of international students, generating a diverse environment. The University of Salamanca, which was founded in 1218, is the oldest university in Spain and the fourth oldest western university.
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Things to do in and around Burgos

  • Burgos, Spain, October 2016
  • Burgos
  • Burgos
  • Arco de Santa Maria
  • Monasterio de Santa María la Real de Las Huelgas (Burgos)
  • Parque natural de la Laguna Negra y los circos glaciares de Urbión
  • Cloister Arches of Silos
  • Cartuja de Miraflores
  • la Iglesia de San Nicolas
  • Bilbao
  • Gasteiz from above


Spain, Castile and Leon region

HistoricFoodCulture1 nightWed. Oct 16 - Thu. Oct 17

Dating to the 9C, Burgos is wonderful to visit for both its amazing historical sites and its array of modern-day activities.

Burgos is a city in northern Spain and the historic capital of Castile. It has many historic landmarks, of particular importance; the Cathedral of Burgos, Las Huelgas Reales Monastery and the Cartuja of Miraflores. A large number of churches, palaces and other buildings from the medieval age remain. The city is surrounded by the Fuentes Blancas and the Paseo de la Isla parks.
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Things to do in and around Bilbao

  • Bilbao
  • Museo Guggenheim Bilbao (Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao)
  • Bilbao
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Vizcaya Bridge
  • DSC_0118
  • Multicoloured herd
  • Bilbao, museo marítimo
  • Museo Diocesano de Arte Sacro de Bilbao
  • Euskal Museoa, Unamuno enparantzan
  • San Juan de Gaztelugatxe
  • Donostia - San Sebastián
  • Antiguo parador
  • Guernica - mountain view
  • Cave Paintings
  • Gasteiz from above


Spain, Basque Country region

CultureFoodHistoricNight life3 nightsThu. Oct 17 - Sun. Oct 20

Bilbao is an interesting city with a strong culture of art and architecture, as well as numerous museums on a variety of themes.

Bilbao is a municipality and city in Spain, in the autonomous community of the Basque Country.

Since its foundation in the early 14th century, Bilbao was a commercial hub that enjoyed significant importance. Nowadays, Bilbao is a vigorous service city that is experiencing an ongoing social, economic, and aesthetic revitalisation process, started by the iconic Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. Bilbao's buildings display a variety of architectural styles, ranging from gothic to contemporary architecture. The Old Town features many of the oldest buildings in the city, as the St. James' Cathedral or the Church of San Anton.

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