East Black Sea region, Turkey - Eastern region, Macedonia 12 days trip

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Trabzon, Turkey

2 nights Fri. Sep 11-Sun. Sep 13

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Ankara, Turkey

1 night Sun. Sep 13-Mon. Sep 14

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Istanbul, Turkey

3 nights Mon. Sep 14-Thu. Sep 17

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Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2 nights Thu. Sep 17-Sat. Sep 19

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Sofia, Bulgaria

2 nights Sat. Sep 19-Mon. Sep 21

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Berovo, Macedonia

1 night Mon. Sep 21-Tue. Sep 22

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Things to do in and around Trabzon

  • Trabzon City - dirty and dull
  • Kemancha clock & Bazaar in Trabzon, Turkey
  • Castle of Trabzon
  • AyaSoyfa Camii / Hagia Sophia Church
  • Untitled
  • Monastère de Sumela
  • Sumela Monastery
  • Trabzon flower
  • Untitled
  • Untitled
  • 14467
  • The gardens at Haddon Hall
  • Ataturk villa
  • 2007-09 Turkish Delight - Ovacik
  • Untitled


Turkey, East Black Sea region

NatureHistoricBeachesFoodCulture2 nightsFri. Sep 11 - Sun. Sep 13

A bustling modern city with a somewhat relaxed sea-side feel, Trabzon's architecture is an interesting mixture of old and new.

Trabzon is a city on the Black Sea coast of northeastern Turkey and the capital of Trabzon Province. Trabzon, located on the historical Silk Road, became a melting pot of religions, languages and culture for centuries and a trade gateway to Iran in the southeast and the Caucasus to the northeast. Trabzon has a number of tourist attractions, some of them dating back to the times of the ancient empires that once existed in the region. In the city itself, one can find a hub of shops, stalls and restaurants surrounding the Meydan, a square in the center of the city, which includes a tea garden. Its main attractions are Hagia Sophia Church, Trabzon Castle, Trabzon Museum, and the Trabzon Bazaar.
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Things to do in and around Ankara

  • Ankara's Citadel
  • hamamönü
  • Hamamönü
  • cer modern
  • Izmir, Kemeralti Bazaar
  • Museum of Anatolian Civilizations
  • Fountains 2
  • Museum of T.C. Ziraat Bankası
  • Mausoleum


Turkey, Central Anatolia region

FoodCultureHistoricNight life1 nightSun. Sep 13 - Mon. Sep 14

Often overlooked, Turkey's second largest city and capital is dynamic, cultured and teeming with lively spots to explore.

Ankara is the capital of Turkey, located in Central Anatolia, and is Turkey's second largest city behind Istanbul. The city replaced Istanbul as the capital following the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Giving its name to the Angora wool shorn from rabbits, goats, and cats, Ankara is also known for its pears, honey, and muscat grapes. It is a virtual treasure trove of various archaeological sites, as well as home to nearly 50 museums, many parks, and beautiful mosques.
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Things to do in and around Istanbul

  • Urban Density
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Inside the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
  • Istiklal caddesi
  • ortakoy
  • Street, Prince Islands
  • Traditional Ottoman village
  • Morning in Sultanahmet, Istanbul
  • Dolmabahce Palace @ Istanbul
  • Istiklal Caddesi
  • Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya) view
  • Bursa Rainbow
  • 13 October 2007
  • Topkapi Palace @ Istanbul
  • Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Istanbul Modern
  • Sunken Palace Cistern in Istanbul
  • Small town outside of Istanbul, Turkey
  • Lake Sapanca, Turkey
  • Untitled
  • Süleymaniye Camii Suleiman Mosque
  • Istanbul Archeological Museum
  • Tombeau d'Eyüp Sultan
  • Uçmaya Hazırlık (Preparing to fly)
  • Bridges


Turkey, Marmara region

CultureFoodHistoricNight life3 nightsMon. Sep 14 - Thu. Sep 17

East meets West in a vibrant crescendo of history, culture, and cuisine, making Istanbul an unmissable destination.

Istanbul, once known as Constantinople and Byzantium before that, is the most populous city in Turkey, and the country's economic, cultural, and historical center. Istanbul is a transcontinental city in Eurasia, straddling the Bosphorus strait between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. Istanbul is one of the world's most populous cities and ranks as world's 5th-largest city proper and the largest European city. It's main attractions include Aya Sofya Basilica, Blue Mosque, Dolmabahce Palace, Grand Bazaar, several museums, and more.
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Things to do in and around Plovdiv

  • Plovdiv
  • Central Plovdiv mall
  • Plovdiv
  • PLOVDIV - 2010
  • Plovdiv, Roman theatre
  • trigrad5
  • Dyavolski Most/Devil's Bridge, near Ardino, Bulgaria
  • Hindliyanhuis - Plovdiv
  • Fungus?
  • Velingrad
  • Troyan Monastery
  • Shipka


Bulgaria, Plovdiv region

Night lifeFoodHistoricCulture2 nightsThu. Sep 17 - Sat. Sep 19

The perfect mix of old and new, this thriving university town's young atmosphere is set among ancient monuments and excellent museums.

Plovdiv is the second-largest city in Bulgaria and is an important economic, transport, cultural, and educational center. Plovdiv's history spans 6,000 years, with traces of a Neolithic settlement dating to roughly 4000 BC,[3] ranking it among the world's oldest cities. The city has historically developed on seven syenite hills, and is often referred to in Bulgaria as "The City of the Seven Hills." There are many remains preserved from antiquity such as the ancient Plovdiv Roman theatre, Roman odeon, Roman aqueduct, Roman Stadium, the archaeological complex Eirene, and others. Additionally, intriguing museums and places of worship can be found throughout the city.
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Things to do in and around Sofia

  • Sofia: Sin City HDR
  • Sofia
  • Sofia - National Museum of History
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Ancient Roman Bathhouse and Church
  • 4 out of 7 Rila lakes
  • Rila Mountain, Bulgaria
  • Bulgaria-02877 - National Archaeological Museum
  • IMG_2339
  • 245
  • Pygmy marmoset
  • Malyovitsa in the clouds
  • Боровец
  • Национален музей „Земята и хората“
  • Church of St Petka of the Saddlers-2
  • Sofia's Synagogue
  • Rusian Church - Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Ledenika cave
  • Η θέα από το παράθυρο του ξενοδοχείου


Bulgaria, Sofia City region

HistoricFoodNight lifeCulture2 nightsSat. Sep 19 - Mon. Sep 21

Bulgaria's capital is a fusion of old and new, with historic churches and Soviet remnants alongside modern amenities, parks, and galleries.

Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria and is the 15th largest city in the European Union. The city is located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain in the western part of the country, within less than 50km drive from the Serbian border. Its location in the center of the Balkan peninsula means that it is the midway between the Black Sea and the Adriatic Sea, whereas the Aegean Sea is the closest to it. Sofia has been an area of human habitation since at least 7000BCE and is Europe's second-oldest city. Among its many attractions you may find the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, National Art Gallery, Natural History Museum, palaces, churches, and much more.
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Things to do in and around Berovo

  • Bregalnica in Berovo
  • Berovo street
  • Berovo Square
  • Archangel Michael monastery in Berovo_03
  • the Babuna River springs


Macedonia, Eastern region

NatureSmall townsNight life1 nightMon. Sep 21 - Tue. Sep 22

Famed for its wood crafting, this town is a great starting point for exploration of the Berovo Lake and the Malesevo Mountains.

Berovo is a small town near the Malesevo Mountains, 161km from Skopje, 47km from Strumica and 52km from Kocani, in the Republic of Macedonia. It is the seat of Berovo Municipality. Sustained by the Bregalnica River, Berovo stands at 830–900m above sea level and can be reached by car using a single asphalt road leading to the city. Berovo lake and the forest of the Malesevo Mountains are two popular sites for tourists and Berovo craftsmen are well known for their skill in traditional wood crafting. Berovo cheese is also a well-known commodity. When in the area, you might want to visit the Monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael, and the Museum of Berovo.
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