Venice, Italy - Bruges, Belgium 13 day trip

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Venice, Italy

0 nights Fri. Dec 06

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Bergamo, Italy

1 night Fri. Dec 06-Sat. Dec 07

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Basel, Switzerland

1 night Sat. Dec 07-Sun. Dec 08

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Strasbourg, France

2 nights Sun. Dec 08-Tue. Dec 10

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Echternach, Luxembourg

1 night Tue. Dec 10-Wed. Dec 11

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Cologne, Germany

3 nights Wed. Dec 11-Sat. Dec 14

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Bruges, Belgium

4 nights Sat. Dec 14-Wed. Dec 18

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Things to do in and around Venice

  • Venice
  • Venice
  • Doges Palace
  • DSC_0507 (2)
  • Grand Canal, Venice


Italy, Veneto region

HistoricCultureNight lifeFoodNature0 nightsFri. Dec 06

Famed worldwide for its romantic canals and gorgeous masks, this thriving city offers its visitors a wealth of cultural attractions.

Venice is a city in northeastern Italy sited on a group of 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. Venice is renowned for the beauty of its setting, its architecture and its artworks. The city in its entirety is listed as a World Heritage Site, along with its lagoon. It is also known for its several important artistic movements, especially the Renaissance period. Venice is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world for its celebrated art and architecture. The city has an average of 50,000 tourists a day.
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No accommodation

Things to do in and around Bergamo

  • Citta Alta, Bergamo
  • Citta Alta, Bergamo
  • Bergamo, Saint Vigilio
  • Sirmione
  • Bellagio
  • Jezioro Como


Italy, Lombardy region

HistoricFoodCulture1 nightFri. Dec 06 - Sat. Dec 07

Popular with travelers, Bergamo is a treasure trove of Baroque architecture, ancient history, and cultural venues.

Bergamo is a city and commune in Lombardy, Italy. The commune is home to over 120,000 inhabitants. The foothills of the Alps begin immediately north of the town. The town has two centers: "Citta alta" (upper city), a hilltop medieval town, surrounded by 16th-century cyclonic defensive walls, and the "Citta bassa" (lower city).
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Things to do in and around Basel

  • Basel view from Munster
  • Basel
  • 088
  • s'isch scheen und mer hockt am Rhy :)
  • La salle consacrée aux maîtres anciens (Musée des cultures, Bâle)
  • Interlaken, Switzerland, Europe
  • Haus zum Kirschgarten
  • Kunstmuseum
  • L1070337
  • Augustus_Comix


Switzerland, Basel-Stadt region

CultureFoodHistoricNight life1 nightSat. Dec 07 - Sun. Dec 08

One of Switzerland's largest cities, Basel is the country's cultural center with museums, art galleries, and a rich history.

Basel is among the most important cultural centres of Switzerland. The city has large number of theatres and many museums. Theater Basel presents a busy schedule of plays, opera and ballet. Basel is also host to an array of buildings by internationally renowned architects. Basel features a great number of heritage sites of national significance, including the Old Town of Basel as well as churches, monasteries, secular buildings and archaeological sites. There are a number of culinary specialties originating in Basel, including Basler Läckerli cookies and Mässmogge candies. Zoo Basel is the most visited tourist attraction in Basel and the 2nd most visited tourist attraction in Switzerland.
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Things to do in and around Strasbourg

  • Strasbourg - Grande Ile
  • La Petite France  (Strasbourg)
  • Rainy day
  • Petite France
  • MAMAC 6
  • Obernai notre commune
  • Other view of the plains 2
  • The towering Notre-Dame Cathedral
  • 20131116_113749
  • Musée Alsacien
  • Musée de l'Oeuvre Notre Dame
  • Riquewihr Vines
  • 6c_09_1643OugaritBoîteFardCanard
  • Historical Museum / Историческия музей


France, Alsace region

HistoricCultureFoodNight life2 nightsSun. Dec 08 - Tue. Dec 10

Strasbourg harmoniously combines its governmental importance with the wonder generated by great museums and superb architecture.

Strasbourg is the capital city of the Alsace region in eastern France and is the official seat of the European Parliament. Strasbourg's historic city center, the Grande ֳŽle, was classified a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1988, the first time such an honor was placed on an entire city center. The city is chiefly known for its sandstone Gothic Cathedral with its famous astronomical clock, and for its medieval cityscape of Rhineland black and white timber-framed buildings, particularly in the Petite France district or Gerberviertel ("tanners' district") alongside the Ill and in the streets and squares surrounding the cathedral, where the renowned Maison Kammerzell stands out.
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Things to do in and around Echternach

  • Echternach
  • 2007_04 Naturpark Südeifel und kleine Luxemburger Schweiz
  • Beaufort Castle
  • Palisades Museum of Prehistory
  • Echternach Abbey
  • Vianden village
  • remich_vue008.JPG


Luxembourg, Grevenmacher region

HistoricSmall townsNatureActiveCulture1 nightTue. Dec 10 - Wed. Dec 11

Still surrounded by its medieval walls, this picturesque town dates back to the 7C.

Echternach is a commune with city status in the canton of Echternach in eastern Luxembourg, and is the oldest in Luxembourg. The river Sauer that flows past the town now forms the border between Luxembourg and Germany. The picturesque town, still surrounded by its medieval walls with towers, was badly damaged in World War II but was subsequently thoroughly restored. The Abbey's Basilica of St Willibrord, now surrounded by the eighteenth-century abbey (today a high school) and is located in the heart of the town's historical centre. The other is the parish church of St Peter and Paul. The nearby Prehistory Museum traces mankind's history over the past one million years.
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No accommodation

Things to do in and around Cologne

  • Rail to Heaven
  • Cologne
  • Kölner Dom
  • Römisch-Germanisches Museum Köln
  • Fish float.
  • Monschau
  • Pfalzgrafenstein Castle
  • Romano/ Germanic Museum Köln
  • köln_04.12.2011_4168
  • Basilica of St. Ursula Cologne
  • Cochem
  • Harfenmühle and surroundings
  • Glaskubus-Aachen-02
  • Germany (Allemagne) - Bonn Vol 2


Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia region

CultureNight lifeHistoricFood3 nightsWed. Dec 11 - Sat. Dec 14

Founded in the 1C, Cologne offers seemingly endless historical and cultural activities, all set in a modern-day atmosphere.

Cologne is Germany's fourth-largest city. Cologne is located on both sides of the Rhine River. The city's famous Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) is the seat of the Catholic Archbishop of Cologne. The University of Cologne (Universität zu Köln) is one of Europe's oldest and largest universities. Cologne was founded and established in the first century AD. Cologne was one of the most heavily bombed cities in Germany during World War II. The bombing destroyed almost the entire city. With the intention of restoring as many historic buildings as possible, the rebuilding has resulted in a very mixed and unique cityscape.
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Things to do in and around Bruges

  • stadhuis
  • Beguinage in Spring, Bruges
  • good morning bruges
  • De Halve Maan
  • P5200011
  • Knokke-Zoute
  • Stadsgezicht, Damme
  • Spiegelrei
  • Begijnhof
  • Balstraat, Bruges
  • Bruges Bell tower
  • The gables of Tournai
  • Beaufort 04
  • Bruges Market Square, Belguim
  • Burg Square Bruges/Brugge (Belgium)
  • Memling Museum and St John's Hospital
  • Groeningemuseum
  • Ypres
  • Coxyde - Août 2012
  • Bruges Lace
  • The Church of Our Lady
  • Town hall, Bruges
  • Arentshuis, Brugge
  • DSCF1863
  • Waterloo, Belgium
  • The Gruuthuse Museum in Bruges, Belgium
  • Basilica of the Holy Blood - Saint-Baselius Chapel, Bruges, Belgium.
  • Bruges, Belgium
  • Grote Markt in Mechelen 686
  • Turnhout vanuit de lucht: vanop het dak van De Warande


Belgium, Flemish region

HistoricCultureNight lifeFood4 nightsSat. Dec 14 - Wed. Dec 18

Known as the "Venice of the North," Bruges boasts superb Flemish art, scenic canals, and a prosperous past.

Bruges has most of its medieval architecture intact. The historic centre of Bruges has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. Many of its medieval buildings are notable, including the Church of Our Lady, whose brick spire reaches 122.3m, making it one of the world's highest brick towers/buildings. The sculpture Madonna and Child, which can be seen in the transept, is believed to be Michelangelo's only sculpture to have left Italy within his lifetime. Bruges' most famous landmark is its 13th-century belfry, housing a municipal carillon comprising 48 bells. The city still employs a full-time carillonneur, who gives free concerts on a regular basis.
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