From the City to the Fjords

8 - 10

Get to know the best of Norwegian cities and nature on this trip that boasts cities, fjords, mountains, and even a chance to see the Northern Lights.

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  • Night LifeNight Life
  • Great FoodGreat Food
  • CultureCulture
  • Historic PlacesHistoric Places
  • BeachesBeaches

Trip itinerary

  • 1

    Oslo, Norway

  • 2

    Bergen, Norway

  • 3

    Flam, Norway

  • 4

    Geiranger, Norway

  • 5

    Trondheim, Norway

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Things to do in and around Oslo

  • Grensen Looking Toward Oslo Domkirke
  • Oslo
  • Oslo Cultural Museum - Oslo, Norway
  • Bygdøy
  • The Kon-Tiki & Fram museum
  • Ballrommet i Foldvik familiepark
  • Larvik
  • Ra II
  • Oslo Summer
  • DSC00456, Viking Ship Museum, Oslo, Norway
  • Paradisbukta
  • Mjøsa
  • Markus' Balcony
  • Vigeland park, Oslo
  • DSC00517, Akershus Fortress  Oslo Fjord, Oslo, Norway Scandinavia
  • Munch Museum
  • 159_5935
  • Sandefjord
  • Fredrikstad
  • Nationalgallerie Oslo und Hotel Savoy
  • Oslo's Opera House
  • National Maritime Museum
  • Henie Onstad kunstsenter
  • Halden 02


Norway, Eastern Norway region

CultureFoodNight lifeHistoricBeaches3 nights

The capital of Norway, this easy-going city boasts world-class museums, buzzing nightlife, and several fun outdoor activities.

Oslo is the capital of Norway and most populous city in Norway. Oslo has 343 lakes and there are 40 islands within the city limits, which surrounded by green hills and mountains. The city has a large and varied number of cultural attractions inluding The Munch Museum, Folkemuseet - an outdoor Folk art museum, The Vigeland Museum and The Viking Ship Museum. In addition a large number of festivals are held in Oslo such as Oslo Jazz festival, Øyafestivalen - Oslo's biggest Rock festival, The Oslo World Music Festival and The Norwegian Wood in June. Landmarks in the city include the Royal Palace, Karl Johans gate, Storting - the norwegian parliment and The National Theatre.
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Things to do in and around Bergen

  • The City of Bergen
  • Akvariet i Bergen
  • Old City
  • Nygårdsgaten / Christiesgate
  • Bryggen Afternoon Drive By
  • wanderung vom mount floyen zum mount ulriken - echt zache 6 stunden über stock und stein...
  • Bergen seen from mount Ulriken
  • Hanseatic Museum
  • Bergen_2013 06 15_3836
  • 0906_Kreuzfahrt_Norwegen_1881
  • At 17th Century Manor
  • Troldhaugen the home of the musician and composer  Grieg in Bergen.
  • IMG_5422
  • St Mary's Church, Bergen
  • Tvindefossen waterfall
  • Voss, Norway
  • Hardangervidda National Park (NOR)
  • 2010_07_04_Voringsfossen


Norway, Western Norway region

Small townsNatureActiveNight lifeCulture3 nights

With breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, this exciting city has a thriving cultural life and a lively indie music scene.

Bergen is a city in Hordaland on the west coast of Norway, on the peninsula of Bergenshalvøyen. The remains of the quays, Bryggen, is a World Heritage Site. The city's Fisketorget (fish market) is a local tourist attraction. Other attractions include the Ruins of the Christ Church, the Ole Bull statue, the Madam Felle monument, the lake Tennebekktjørna beach and the Mt. Ulriken trail. Bergen is also Norway's largest cruise ship port. The city hosts several festivals including the Bergen International Festival.
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Things to do in and around Flam

  • Huts on the Fjord - Flam, Norway
  • Myrdal Station
  • Dream Home
  • Tvindefossen waterfall
  • Hardangervidda National Park (NOR)
  • 2010_07_04_Voringsfossen
  • Voss, Norway
  • Vøringfossen waterfall - Norway
  • Kjeåsen mountain farm flag


Norway, Western Norway region

NatureActiveSmall towns2 nights

Experience the beauty of the fjords and the majestic surrounding mountains in this stunning Norwegian village.

The village of Flam has since the late 19th century been a tourist destination. It currently receives almost 450,000 visitors a year. Most ride the 20-kilometre (12 mi) Flam Line between Flam and Myrdal, one of the steepest railway tracks at 1 in 18 (not counting rack railways) in the world. There are also a few spirals. A former rail station building in Flam now houses a museum dedicated to the Flam railway.
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Things to do in and around Geiranger

  • Norway - Geiranger Fjord
  • Geiranger Fjord
  • 0906_Kreuzfahrt_Norwegen_1602
  • IMG_0926
  • norway.dalsnibba--geiranger
  • Trollstigen Mountain Road in Norway
  • geirangerfjord in technicolor
  • 15: Flydalsjuvet
  • Hellesylt & Geiranger Fjord-20
  • hiking the Besseggen ridge..
  • DSC_6203.jpg
  • Mardalsfossen


Norway, Western Norway region

NatureActiveSmall towns3 nights

This charming small town is home to what is considered one of the world's most beautiful mainland fjords.

Geiranger is a small tourist village in Sunnmøre in the western part of Norway. Geiranger is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, and has been named the best travel destination in Scandinavia by Lonely Planet. Since 2005, the Geirangerfjord area has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Seven Sisters waterfall is located just west of Geiranger. The tourist season stretches from May to early September and there are five hotels and over ten camping sites. Tours of the nearby historic farms of Knivsflå and Skageflå are available from Geiranger.
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Things to do in and around Trondheim

  • Trondheim sentrum - Flyfoto (ca. 1982)
  • Sverresborg Trondelag Folk Museum, Trondheim
  • Trondheim
  • Munkholmen
  • Trondheim, Norway
  • Munkholmen_Trondheim
  • Femundsmarka
  • Trondheim Kunstmuseum
  • The Old Bridge
  • Erkebispegården
  • Norway, August 2007
  • Røros 3


Norway, Trondelag region

Night lifeCultureFoodHistoricActive2 nights

Norway's former capital is now a lovely city filled with cafes, bars, restaurants, and plenty of interesting museums.

Trondheim is a city in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. Most of the downtown area of Trondheim is scattered with small specialty stores and shops, however a considerable part of the downtown shopping area is concentrated around the pedestrianized streets Nordre gate, Olav Tryggvasons gate and Thomas Angells gate. Landmarks in town include Kristiansten Fortress, The Munkholmen islet, the statue of Olav Tryggvason in the city's central plaza and the Stiftsgården royal residence. The Nidaros Cathedral is particularly noteworthy for it's cultural and religious significance and for it's gothic architecture.
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