Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi

From Ho Chi Minh City in the south up to Hanoi in the north, explore the best of Vietnam on this all around adventure.

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Trip itinerary

  • 1

    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • 2

    Dalat, Vietnam

  • 3

    Nha Trang, Vietnam

  • 4

    Hoi An, Vietnam

  • 5

    Hue, Vietnam

  • 6

    Ha Long, Vietnam

  • 7

    Hanoi, Vietnam

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Things to do in and around Ho Chi Minh City

  • 'Hello Ho Chi Minh', Vietnam, Saigon, Ho Chi Minh Square
  • IMG_7545Ho_Chi_Minh
  • Reunification Palace, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Bến Thành Market, Hồ Chí Minh City
  • Cu Chi tunnels
  • Attleson Farm: SNAKE!!
  • Vung-Tau City (view from the light-house)
  • Saigon Skydeck sunset
  • Jade Emperor Pagoda (Chua Ngoc Hong or the Phuoc Hai Tu )
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Talai Longhouse
  • cái Miếu giữa sông (đêm thứ 2)
  • Ho Chi Minh City, War Remnants Museum
  • Opera House, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Can Tho
  • Con Ong Hút Mật Hoa Ngũ Sắc / Black Bee Feeding on Lantana @ Café Chim Xanh, Hanoi
  • Tân Giám Hamlet - Cù Lao Phố - Biên Hòa Aerial 1966/68 - Photo by John Rellis
  • Mekong River Delta, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam, Southeast region

CultureFoodNight lifeHistoric3 nights

Once known as Saigon, this city is a mixture of towering skyscrapers and elegant temples, full of great food, history, and culture.

Ho Chi Minh City, formerly named and still also referred to as Saigon, is the largest city in Vietnam. It was once known as Prey Nokor, an important Khmer seaport prior to annexation by the Vietnamese in the 17C. Under the name Saigon, it was the capital of the French colony of Cochinchina and later of the independent republic of South Vietnam 1955–75. On 2 July 1976, Saigon merged with the surrounding Gia Dinh Province and was officially renamed Ho Chi Minh City after revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh. The city's attractions include the temples, several architectural landmarks, the Cu Chi Tunnels, and several museums.
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Things to do in and around Dalat

  • Central Dalat
  • Truc Lam Temple, Dalat, Vietnam
  • Lam Dong, Vietnam
  • Dalat Eiffel
  • Xuan Huong Lake
  • Vietnam '12 May (3) - Da Lat (066)
  • Hoa Ngũ Sắc / Lantana, Núi Chúa National Park
  • Lake of Sighs - Hồ Than Thở
  • Linh Phuoc Pagoda, Dalat
  • Dalat, Vietnam
  • Chợ đêm Đà Lạt, 4/2013
  • Poverty and Environment Fund, Forest Ecosystem Services. Viet Nam
  • 'Fishing Anyone?', Vietnam, Lake Lak
  • This hotel is like something out of Alice in Wonderland
  • Đà Lạt flower park
  • Pagoda
  • Beautiful window at Dalat Crazy House
  • Boun Ma Thout, Vietnam
  • HCM city view


Vietnam, Central Highlands region

CultureActiveNature2 nights

Set in a mountainous region, Dalat offers diverse architecture and an easy access to natural and cultural monuments in the area.

Dalat is the capital of Lam Dong Province in Vietnam. The city is located 1,500m above sea level on the Langbian Plateau in the southern parts of the Central Highlands region. In Vietnam, Dalat is a popular tourist destination. Dalat's specific sights are pine wood (forming the name: "City of thousands of pine trees") with twisting roads and tree marigold (Vietnamese: da quy) blossom in the winter. The city’s temperate weather stands in contrast to Vietnam's otherwise tropical climate. Mist covering the valleys almost year-round leads to its name "City of Eternal Spring". Be sure to visit its market, temples, architectural gems, and more.
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Things to do in and around Nha Trang

  • Nha Trang
  • Nha Trang
  • Nha Trang Street
  • Quy Nhon - Nha Trang
  • Po Nagar Cham Towers, Nha Trang
  • Hoa Ngũ Sắc / Lantana, Núi Chúa National Park
  • Poverty and Environment Fund, Forest Ecosystem Services. Viet Nam
  • National Oceanographic Museum
  • Propaganda-Promenade
  • Nha Trang - Pagoda di Long Son
  • Nha Trang Cathedral
  • Vietnam '12 May (3) - Da Lat (066)
  • 'Fishing Anyone?', Vietnam, Lake Lak
  • vòng xoay chợ Bến Thành
  • Buon Ma Thuot

Nha Trang

Vietnam, South Central Coast region

BeachesFoodNight lifeActiveNature2 nights

With world class beaches, stunning gardens, and great nightlife scene, Nha Trang is one of Vietnam's most popular destinations.

Nha Trang is a coastal city and capital of Khanh Hpa Province, on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. Nha Trang is well known for its beaches and scuba diving and has developed into a popular destination for international tourists, attracting large numbers of backpackers, as well as more affluent travelers on the south-east Asia circuit; it is already very popular with Vietnamese tourists, with Nha Trang Bay widely considered as among the world's most beautiful bays. Tourists are welcome to participate in the Sea Festival, held biennially. Other attractions include a temple, a lovely seaside promenade, and a temple.
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Things to do in and around Hoi An

  • City of Lanterns
  • Market scene (Hoi An, Vietnam 2015)
  • Cua Dai Beach Hoi An
  • Laterns
  • Central Market - Hoi An
  • Da Nang at Night
  • Trail Descends from ther Right
  • Japanese covered bridge
  • Hoi An, Assembly Hall of the Fujian Chinese Congregation
  • Hoi An
  • Tan Ky House
  • Mausoleum of Minh Mang
  • Kim Bồng Woodworking village
  • Museum of Trade Ceramics, Hội An
  • Tran's family chapel
  • Đông Hà City - Quảng Trị 1968/72

Hoi An

Vietnam, South Central Coast region

HistoricCultureBeachesFoodSmall towns2 nights

Known as one Vietnam's loveliest towns, Hoi An is home to a remarkably preserved Old Town, bustling markets, and several historic sites.

Hoi An is a city in Vietnam, located on the coast of the Vietnam's Central Sea in the Vietnam's Central Sea region, in the Quang Nam Province. With approximately 120,000 inhabitants, Hoi An is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Hoi An Ancient Town is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port dating from the 15C-19C period. Its buildings and its street plan reflect the influences, both indigenous and foreign, that have combined to produce this unique heritage site. The city possessed the largest harbor in south-east Asia in the 1C and was known as Lam Ap Pho (Champa City). Among its attractions you will find a market, a beach, museums, and more.
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Things to do in and around Hue

  • Hue, Vietnam
  • Imperial Citadel
  • Chartres Street, Between Conti and Bienville, French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana 2
  • Mausoleum of Tu Duc
  • The tomb of Emperor Khai Dinh
  • Mausoleum of Minh Mang
  • Trail Descends from ther Right
  • under repair
  • 06 Gate to The Mieu temple
  • Bookcovers from a Shaiva manuscript (a pair)
  • L'embarras du choix...
  • Da Nang at Night
  • IMGP1244
  • Perfume River Hue
  • DGJ_1270 - Thien Mu Pagoda
  • Imperial City - Hue, Vietnam - July 2007
  • Tu Hieu Pagoda
  • Kim Bồng Woodworking village
  • Đông Hà City - Quảng Trị 1968/72


Vietnam, North Central Coast region

HistoricFoodCulture2 nights

The perfect blend of modern features with ancient traits, Hue boasts world-renowned historic sites, rich culture, and great cuisine.

Hue is the capital city of Thua Thien–Hue Province, Vietnam. Hue is well known for its historic monuments, which have earned it a place in UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. The seat of the Nguyen emperors was the Imperial City, which occupies a large, walled area on the north side of the Perfume River. Inside the citadel was a forbidden city where only the emperors, concubines, and those close enough to them were granted access. Today, little of the forbidden city remains, though reconstruction efforts are in progress to maintain it as a historic tourist attraction. Other notable attractions include temples, museums, a market, and more.
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Things to do in and around Ha Long

  • ha long
  • IMG_6573
  • 34::45 - Night Market
  • Ha Long Bay
  • Bai Tu Long Bay
  • Cat Ba Island 04 - Sunset seen from my room
  • HAI PHONG Nov 1954 - Fishing Boat in the Gulf of Tonkin - Photo by David F Putnam
  • Cat Ba Island, Vietnam
  • 2012-10-07 09.54.37

Ha Long

Vietnam, Northeast region

NatureActive2 nights

Popular for its proximity to the world-renowned Ha Long Bay, this city features hotels, casinos, bars, and more.

Ha Long is the capital city of Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. Ha Long city was created when the old capital, Hon Gai, was merged with Bai Chay – the main tourist area. The city mainly lies on Hạ Long Bay. The city's economy has recently switched from coal mining to tourism, due to the large number of visitors drawn by the Hạ Long Islets every year. At present, Hạ Long is experiencing rapid growth not only in tourism sphere, but as a place upon the main road to southern China. Its main attractions include the breathtaking Ha Long Bay, as well as the local vibrant night market.
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Things to do in and around Hanoi

  • Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Ho Hoan Kiem
  • Fishing in the West Lake
  • Hanoi Old Quarter
  • View of Núi Vua, Ba Vì National Park
  • Tam Cốc
  • Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
  • DGJ_1762 - OK lets sing...
  • DSCF0083
  • Tran Quoc Pagoda, Hanoi
  • HAI PHONG Nov 1954 - Fishing Boat in the Gulf of Tonkin - Photo by David F Putnam
  • Grey-Shanked Douc Langur at The Endangered Primate Rescue Center - Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam
  • National Museum, Hanoi
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Hanoi
  • Market in Hanoi/Vietnam
  • Dong Xuan Market
  • Xuân Sơn Sunset
  • DSC_1339
  • Ho Chi Minh Museum
  • Kiem Lien, Nghi Tam
  • PB180096 Hanoi
  • Cat Ba Island 04 - Sunset seen from my room
  • Mémorial de la guerre, Hải Phòng (Vietnam)


Vietnam, Red River Delta region

HistoricCultureFoodNight life3 nights

Vietnam's capital and its second largest city, Hanoi boasts a rich royal history, colonial architecture, and many cultural attractions.

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and the country's second largest city. From 1010 until 1802, it was the most important political center of Vietnam. It was eclipsed by Hue, the imperial capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen Dynasty (1802–1945), but Hanoi served as the capital of French Indochina from 1902 to 1954. From 1954 to 1976, it was the capital of North Vietnam, and it became the capital of a reunified Vietnam in 1976, after the North's victory in the Vietnam War. The city lies on the right bank of the Red River. On your visit, be sure to see Hanoi's markets, museums, temples, and historic landmarks.
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