Southern Israel

10 - 11

Begin your trip in the cultural hub on the coastal Tel Aviv, making your way south to Be'er Sheva to admire the Ottoman-era architecture of its Old City. Next, relax on the shores of the Red Sea in Eilat, where visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports before making their way back northward to the Dead Sea. Finally, head to the holy city of Jerusalem on this Southern Israel exploration.

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  • CultureCulture
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Trip itinerary

  • 1

    Tel Aviv, Israel

  • 2

    Be'er Sheva, Israel

  • 3

    Eilat, Israel

  • 4

    Ein Bokek, Israel

  • 5

    Jerusalem, Israel

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Things to do in and around Tel Aviv

  • Tel Aviv
  • Jaffa/Tel Aviv
  • 110674-Tel-Aviv
  • Rothschild ‎Blvd. Tel-Aviv-שדרות רוטשילד
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Tel-Aviv
  • Haifa
  • DSCF8166
  • Tel Aviv-Yafo - Neve Tzedek
  • Camel Market
  • Old Port, Jaffa
  • Eretz Israel Museum
  • P1120786
  • Ein Hod, Israel
  • Tel Aviv, Sarona
  • Ha'Yarkon Park
  • Untitled
  • Old Photo of Beit HaIr, Tel Aviv
  • Columbarium_bell_cave_Bet_Guvrin-Maresha_Israel_2007_03_07_001.jpg
  • Sea of Galilee
  • Nahalat Binyamin market
  • Independence Hall
  • Royal Wedding in Israel
  • Tel Aviv: Diaspora Museum
  • Dead Sea
  • Untitled

Tel Aviv

Israel, Central region

FoodCultureBeachesNight lifeHistoric3 nights

Israel's second largest city boasts world-class museums, incredible cuisine, stunning beaches, and the country's best nightlife.

Tel Aviv as a new city was founded in 1909 by Jewish immigrants on the outskirts of the ancient port city of Jaffa. The modern city's first neighborhoods had already been established in 1886, the first being Neve Tzedek. Immigration by mostly Jewish refugees meant that the growth of Tel Aviv soon outpaced Jaffa's, which had a majority Arab population at the time. Tel Aviv and Jaffa were merged into a single municipality in 1950, two years after the establishment of the State of Israel. Tel Aviv's White City, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003, comprises the world's largest concentration of International Style buildings (Bauhaus and other related modernist architectural styles).
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Things to do in and around Be'er Sheva

  • Day 3 - Beer Sheba
  • Beersheva mosque
  • Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem
  • Beer Sheva museum
  • Turkish Train Station
  • Masada
  • Dead Sea
  • Le musée des traditions populaires (Amman, Jordanie)
  • Columbarium_bell_cave_Bet_Guvrin-Maresha_Israel_2007_03_07_001.jpg
  • Neguev - Ein Avdat 16

Be'er Sheva

Israel, Southern region

Night life1 night

One of southern Israel's major cities, Beersheva is a rapidly developing university city, home to a large mixture of cultures.

Beersheba is the largest city in the Negev desert of southern Israel. Often referred to as the "Capital of the Negev", it is the center of the fourth most populous metropolitan area in Israel, the eighth most populous city in Israel.
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Things to do in and around Eilat

  • 28038-Eilat
  • fabcom_IMG_8015
  • 2014-11-05 10-35-41 - IMG_4462
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Underwater Observatory
  • More Mushroom
  • DSC08420
  • Arabian camel
  • Eilat reef dolphin
  • Eilat Sukkot 2014- -2
  • Neot Smadar |  נאות סמדר
  • Wildlife at the Burg Guttenberg
  • DSC08470
  • 100_5720


Israel, Southern region

BeachesNight lifeNatureActive2 nights

With beaches, snorkeling, an aquarium, nightlife, desert excursions, and more, this Israeli resort city promises fun for all ages.

Eilat is Israel's southernmost city, a busy port and popular resort at the northern tip of the Red Sea, on the Gulf of Aqaba. Eilat's arid desert climate and low humidity are moderated by proximity to a warm sea. The city's beaches, coral reef, nightlife and desert landscapes make it a popular destination for domestic and international tourism.
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Things to do in and around Ein Bokek

  • p1110290
  • Israel Air Force museum
  • Dead Sea
  • P1120786
  • Ein Hemed
  • Day 3 - Beer Sheba
  • 0907bedouin1

Ein Bokek

Israel, Southern region

NatureBeachesActive2 nights

The perfect destination for visiting the Dead Sea and exploring the desert, Ein Bokek is nestled between the sea and the dramatic beige cliffs.

Ein Bokek is a hotel and resort district on the Israeli shore of the Dead Sea, near Neve Zohar. It is under the jurisdiction of the Tamar Regional Council. Archaeological findings at Ein Bokek include the ruins of Metzad Bokek, a small Roman-era fortress commanding the main road, and the remains of an ancient partly reconstructed perfume and medicine factory. The Bokek Stream, for which the district is named, is a canyon-like gorge with water springs and unique fauna and flora. The Zohar Hot Springs are located three kilometers south of Ein Bokek. Rich in sulphur, the water is believed to be particularly beneficial in the treatment of muscular ailments, diseases of the joints and allergies.
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Things to do in and around Jerusalem

  • Old City of Jerusalem
  • Jerusalem, Israel - Temple Mount
  • Jerusalem - ירושלים
  • The Temple Church - London
  • Western Wall
  • Dead Sea
  • Masada
  • Israel Museum
  • Machaneh Yehuda 3
  • City Center Jerusalem
  • Church of the Assumption_2239
  • P1120786
  • Haifa
  • Walking the Wall
  • 2nd TAKE Tower of David, Old City of Jerusalem
  • Israel, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Mayer Museum of Islamic Art, Jerusalem
  • DSCF8166
  • Israel part 3 116
  • The Old Railway station
  • Dormition Abbey 10
  • Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem
  • Israel-Yad Vashem Picture Wall
  • Columbarium_bell_cave_Bet_Guvrin-Maresha_Israel_2007_03_07_001.jpg
  • Untitled
  • Garden Tomb
  • Temple Mount
  • Jerusalem
  • Shrine of the Book
  • Mini-Israel
  • Ein Hemed


Israel, Jerusalem region

HistoricCultureFoodNight life4 nights

A vibrant city rooted in the three major religions, Jerusalem offers a unique experience of history, religion, culture, and modernity.

Jerusalem is located on a plateau in the Judean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea, is one of the oldest cities in the world. In the ancient cuneiform, Jerusalem was called "Urusalima", meaning "City of Peace", during the early Canaanite period (approximately 2400 BC). It is considered holy to the three major Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
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