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A unique sea-side town whose main attractions include a prison, a busy port, and some of Latvia's nicest beaches.

Liepāja is a city in western Latvia, located on the Baltic Sea and is an important ice-free port. It is the largest city in the Kurzeme Region and the third largest city in the country after Riga and Daugavpils. Liepāja is known throughout Latvia as "The city where the wind is born", likely because of the constant sea breeze. Its reputation of Liepāja as the windiest city in Latvia was strengthened with the construction nearby of the largest wind power plant in the nation. Its main attractions include the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Seaside Park, St. Peter's Market, Liepaja Museum, Karosta Prison, and more.
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  • Market, Liepāja
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  • Karosta Prison in Latvia
  • Liepja park wooden monument
  • Old Market square
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  • St. Nikolai Kathedrale

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