Featuring 13C castle ruins, Rezekne is also home to lovely museums, stunning churches, a synagogue, and inviting lakes.

Rezekne is a city in the Latgalia region of eastern Latvia in Rezekne River valley, also known by the nickname The Heart of Latgalia. Built on seven hills, it is located at the intersection of the Moscow – Riga and Warsaw – Saint Petersburg Railways, and is the 7th largest city in Latvia. A Latgalian hill fort is known to have existed at Rezekne from the 9th to the 13th centuries, until its destruction at the hands of German crusaders of the Livonian Order. In 1285, the knights built a stone fortress on the site, which is today known as Rezekne castle ruins. Other attractions include Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral and the great historic center.
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  • Rezeknės pilies griuvesiai
  • V.Dombrovskis apmeklē Latgales vēstniecību GORS
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  • Brīvdabas muzejs
  • Cathedral Church of St Michael & St George, Aldershot
  • Wimpel (Torah Binder) []

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