Small and sleepy, this seaside town is a wonderful destination away from the crowds and a great opportunity for a relaxing getaway.

Juodkrante, with permanent population of about 720 people, is a quiet Lithuanian seaside resort village located on the Curonian Spit. A part of Neringa municipality, Juodkrante is the second largest settlement on Lithuania's part of the spit. Situated in Old Prussian territory it was for centuries a fishing village named Schwarzort, which underwent a tourist boom in the late 19C-early 20C. After WWI this northern part of East Prussia was severed from Germany and the village became known as Juodkrante. When you're in the area, be sure to visit the Hill of Witches.
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  • Kurische Nehrung - Juodkrante
  • Juodkante by Dainis Matisons
  • Kurische Nehrung - Juodkrante

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