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Lithuania's third largest city has a rich history dating to the 12C, a wonderfully preserved center, and several intriguing museums.

Klaipeda is a city in Lithuania situated at the mouth of the Dane River where it flows into the Baltic Sea. It is the third largest city in Lithuania and has a complex recorded history, partially due to the combined regional importance of the Port of Klaipeda, a usually ice-free port on the Baltic Sea, and the Akmena-Dane River. The city was incorporated into Lithuania during its time as a Soviet Socialist Republic and has remained Lithuanian following its re-establishment as an independent state. Popular seaside resorts found close to Klaipeda are Nida to the south on the Curonian Spit, and Palanga to the north. Its main sights include the wonderful town center and the Klaipeda Clock Museum.
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  • Klaipeda canal, Lithuania
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