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A marvelous historic town full of many attractions, including a well-preserved Old Town, beautiful parks, and various cultural sites.

Delft is known for its historic town centre, for 17C Delft Blue pottery, for the Delft University of Technology, for the painter Vermeer and the scientist Antony van Leeuwenhoek, and for the Royal House of Orange-Nassau. Several famous painters lived and worked in Delft. They all were members of the Delft School. East of Delft is a vast nature and recreation area called the "Delftse Hout" ("Delft Wood"). Apart from a forest, through which bike, horseride and footpaths are leading, it also has a vast lake (suitable for swimming and windsurfing), beaches, a restaurant, gardens, campground and other facilities. Inside the city there are several smaller town parks and a Botanical Garden.
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