Eastern Europe for Seasoned Travelers

Three Eastern European capitals, a beach resort on the black sea in Varna and the gorgeous city of Odessa

  • 1

    Belgrade, Serbia

    2 nightsWed. Jun 12-Fri. Jun 14

  • 2

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    2 nightsFri. Jun 14-Sun. Jun 16

  • 3

    Varna, Bulgaria

    2 nightsSun. Jun 16-Tue. Jun 18

  • 4

    Odessa, Ukraine

    3 nightsTue. Jun 18-Fri. Jun 21

  • 5

    Kiev, Ukraine

    3 nightsFri. Jun 21-Mon. Jun 24

Recommended attractions

1 Belgrade

2 nightsWed. Jun 12 - Fri. Jun 14

Fast emerging as one of Europe's liveliest cities, Serbia's capital is packed with culture, sights and fantastic nightlife.

2 Sofia

2 nightsFri. Jun 14 - Sun. Jun 16

Bulgaria's capital is a fusion of old and new, with historic churches and Soviet remnants alongside modern amenities, parks, and galleries.

3 Varna

2 nightsSun. Jun 16 - Tue. Jun 18

Beaches, historic sites, and a large sprawling park are just a few things that this fabulous seaside resort town have to offer.

4 Odessa

3 nightsTue. Jun 18 - Fri. Jun 21

Resting on the northwestern coast of the Black Sea, Odessa is a major port and a cultural hub of historic significance.

5 Kiev

3 nightsFri. Jun 21 - Mon. Jun 24

Ukraine's capital and its largest city, Kiev is a historic and culturally diverse metropolis full of theaters, museums, and more.