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Known as a fine example of an authentic Serbian city, Kragujevac boasts a fascinating history, parks, museums, and more.

Kragujevac is the fourth largest city in Serbia, the administrative centre of Sumadija District. It is situated on the banks of the Lepenica River. Kragujevac was the first capital of modern Serbia (1818–39); the first constitution in the Balkans was proclaimed in the city in 1835. The city was the site of a massacre by the Nazis, in which thousands of Serbs were murdered. Contemporary Kragujevac is known for its weapons and munition and automobile industry. Some of its main attractions are Sumarice Memorial Park, Cathedral of St. Sava, National Museum of Kragujevac, and more.
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  • Gabriel, Saborna crkva sv. аrhanđela Mihajla
  • Šišarka četinara
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  • Window, Cefnllys church, interior view
  • Extensive collection of the gifts Josip Broz Tito's received during his many visits with foreign dignitaries during his presidency
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