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The capital of Switzerland, Bern is a great city with beautiful views of the Alps and a well preserved medieval old town.

Bern is the capital and the fourth most populous city in Switzerland. Bern's city centre is largely medieval and is recognised by UNESCO as a Cultural World Heritage Site. Its most famous sight is the Zytglogge, a medieval clock tower with moving puppets. It also has a 15C Gothic cathedral and a 15C town hall. Thanks to 6km of arcades, the town boasts 1 of the longest covered shopping promenades in Europe. Since 16C, the city has a bear pit to house its heraldic animals. The Federal Palace, built 1857-1902 can also be visited. The Rose Garden is a Rosarium on a hill, converted into a park from a former cemetery. There are Renaissance allegorical statues on public fountains in the Old Town.
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  • Bern
  • Bern
  • Zentrum Paul Klee
  • Kunstmuseum Bern
  • Bern Historical Museum
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  • Garden
  • Mural in Junkerngasse, Bern, Switzerland
  • Kramgasse mit Zytglogge
  • Assorted Sealife
  • Lying male Persian leopard
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  • Bundeshaus
  • The Zytglogge Tower
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