Resting on a mountain ledge, this town offers an array of winter sports, as well as great hiking and other activities in the summer.

Murren is a traditional Walser mountain village and is unreachable by public road. Tourism is popular through the summer and winter; the village features a view of the three towering mountains. Muren is home to many km of ski runs and several ski lifts, as well as off-piste skiing. Within the village there is a large sports center with a wide range of facilities. There is a large skating rink and a curling rink that in the summer is used as a tennis court. The ice rink is turned into a mini-golf course during the summer. In the summer there are also tennis courts near to the sportschalet. There are quite a few hotels in Murren.
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  • Allmendhubel-Mürren
  • Murren

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