One of Europe’s most popular mountain resorts featuring some of Switzerland’s most extensive ski slopes.

Davos is located on the Landwasser River, in the Swiss Alps, between the Plessur and Albula Range. Besides being famous for cross country skiing, Davos also offers the largest natural ice skating field in Europe. There are six main ski areas in winter. All areas offer summer transport as well on to the main peaks. The remote side valleys heading towards the Engadin area are worth the long hikes. Davos is home to seven sites that are listed as Swiss heritage sites of national significance, including the Town Archives, the Kirchner Museum, the Grosses Jenatschhaus, and the Forest Cemetery. Several hotels and spas are also included on the list.
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  • Davos Congress Centre - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011
  • WRF2009_conference impressions
  • Kirchner Museum

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