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A traditional Swiss town with charming streets and well-preserved architectural gems, offering easy access to the surrounding nature.

Guarda is a municipality in Inn District in the Swiss canton of Graubunden, located in the Sur Tasna sub-district of the Inn district on a terrace above the left bank of the Inn river. It consists of the linear village of Guarda above the valley and the settlement of Giarsun along the valley floor. In 1975 the Swiss Heritage Society awarded Guarda the Wakker Prize for the preservation of its architectural heritage. The award notes that it is one of the best preserved and characteristic villages of the Unterengadin. It notes that the municipality struggled with a harsh landscape and the demands of tourism as well as the migration of young people from the village into the cities of Switzerland.
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  • Guarda
  • Rue de l'église, Guarda, commune de  Scuol, Basse-Engadine, Canton des Grisons, Suisse.

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