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With a long history dating to the 9C, lush nature, and many historic sites, this resort town is perfect for an outdoorsy vacation.

Zuoz is a traditional Engadin village, with cobblestoned streets, an elegant town center and several beautiful old buildings. In the winter it offers a large family ski resort. In the summer it has a golf course and hiking trails. Zuoz is home to the famous "Posthotel Engadina", a hotel with 2 restaurants, a cafe, a pool and newly refurbished rooms. As well as the Hotel Castell, a magnificent 5-star hotel with several restaurants, a sauna and an outdoor mountain pool, as well as many works of art and fantastic scenery. Zuoz still retains many of its ancient traditions, inherited from the Roman empire. The Chaplutta S. Bastiaun and Chasa Pult are Swiss heritage sites of national significance.
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