A small town beautifully set in a valley between two large lakes, full of historic buildings and diverse architecture.

The town of Schwyz is the capital of the canton of Schwyz. The Bundesbriefmuseum, the Dominican nuns Convent of St. Peter am Bach, the medieval and early modern settlement, the Hermitage and chapel, the Forum der Schweizer Geschichte, the Ab Yberg im Grund House, the Bethlehem House, the Ceberg im Feldli house, the house, the Grosshus, the Immenfeld house, the house, the house at Oberschönenbuch 79 in Ibach, the Herrenhaus Waldegg, the Hettlingerhäuser, the Hofstatt Ital Reding, the Catholic Parish Church of St. Martin, the Maihof, the Palais Büeler, the Rathaus, the Reding House, the State Archives of Schwyz and the Köplihaus house are Swiss heritage sites of national significance.
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