A lovely lakeside town, boasting several notable historic landmarks and cultural venues, as well as easy access to surrounding nature.

Locarno is the capital of the Locarno district, located on the northern tip of Lake Maggiore in the Swiss canton of Ticino, close to Ascona at the foot of the Alps. There are nine Swiss heritage site of national significance in Locarno. Three of the sites are churches, two are schools, with the Pinacoteca comunale Casa Rusca at piazza Sant’Antonio and the Casorella at Via Bartolomeo Rusca 5, making up the rest of the list. The entire city of Locarno is listed on the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites Locarno has a number of interesting sights that draw tourists year-round, including Astrovia Locarno, Astrovia Locarno, and Castello Visconteo.
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  • Piazza Grande, Locarno
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