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A stunning and secluded resort town, ideally located to afford easy access to excellent hiking trails through the Alps.

Andermatt is a municipality in the canton of Uri in Switzerland, located in a high Alpine Ursern Valle in the Adula Alps. Andermatt has two mountains around it which are used for ski slopes in the winter: N├Ątschen, which is on the north-east side of Andermatt and Gemsstock, which is on the southern side of Andermatt. Andermatt's ski slopes are part of the Gotthard Oberalp Arena. There is a cable car running from Andermatt to the middle of Gemsstock, and a 2-man chairlift running from Andermatt up to the middle of N├Ątschen. There are plans to build a new gondola going up each mountain.
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