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Dotted with historic buildings and heritage sites, this charming lakeside town is full of museums and various cultural curios.

The embanked lakeshore forms a promenade with glorious views of the snowy peaks of the Bernese Oberland, as well as of the Rigi and Pilatus. Zug also boasts striking 15C architecture as well as some quaint old painted houses, a Capuchin convent, and the fine new parish church of St Michael (1902). There are several modern buildings close to the shore. While the lowland area of Zug, Baar, Steinhausen and Cham are quite urbanized, we see that Ennetsee, with Risch and Hüneneberg, despite a building boom, have kept their rustic side. In Ägeri, Menzingen and Neuheim you find yourself in a totally different landscape, as is also the case in Walchwil, the ‘riviera’ of Lake Zug.
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