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Known for its winter sports, Slavske is a favored ski resort, offering hiking, fishing, and other nature activities in summertime.

Slavske this is an urban-type settlement in Skole Raion, Lviv oblast, Ukraine. It's located 600m above sea level close to the city of Skole, 130km southwest of Lviv. Slavske is an urban village and a popular ski resort in the Skole Beskids range of the Carpathian mountains in western Ukraine. It's one of the biggest Ukrainian winter sports centers. Slavske first became known as a skiing center in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It reached the peak of its popularity during the Soviet era when it became the main training grounds of the USSR Olympic team. In summer, holiday makers engage in fishing as well as walking and riding excursions or berry and mushroom picking.
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  • Карпаты осенью
  • Лепота

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