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Once a port town on the sea, Rye is now inland but retains a mariner atmosphere mingled with unsurpassed medieval charm.

Rye is a small town in East Sussex, England, at the confluence of three rivers: the Rother, the Tillingham and the Brede. Rye has a reputation as a centre for shops trading antiques, collectors' books and records, and has many art galleries selling works by local artists and potters with changing exhibitions throughout the year. Rye also stands at the centre of a network of nature reserves, some of national importance. The Rye Harbour SSSI lies to the south and includes the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.
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  • Rye, UK
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  • A battery of cannons guards the 14th century Ypres Tower in Rye, East Sussex
  • Rye: Lamb House, West Street
  • Mermaid Inn Rye 1
  • Last Glimpses of St. Mary's Rye - 349
  • Ypres Castle,Rye

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