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Meir (Mayor) Caspi Chairman of the Board

Mayor is a global travel market leader, who has been involved in the travel industry for over 40 years. During his career, which has taken him across continents, he has had the opportunity to lead all kinds of travel segments. Mayor spent 20 years as the CEO of Natour, a leading European wholesaler of groups, services and FIT accommodation. During this time, he served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Unital, a charter company. In 2001, Mayor relocated to the US and became the CEO of Travelport’s GTA North America, which includes GTA USA, an inbound receptive tour operator, and Travelbound, a major outbound wholesaler. In 2007, Mayor's career took him to London, where he served as the Exec VP Managing Director of EMEA Ops for GTA, and as GTA’s SLT member. GTA is a leading global wholesaler for groups, ground travel products, FIT accommodation and services. Mayor has brought his invaluable expertise and experience to RoutePerfect as our Chairman of the Board.

Meir (Mayor)'s dream trip:


Boaz Lantsman Founder

Boaz, an avid traveler, has explored over 40 countries, and his list continues to grow. The idea behind RoutePerfect occurred to Boaz while he was struggling to plan a family trip across Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. What were the Croats thinking when they put Dubrovnik so far out of the way?! Prior to the founding of RoutePerfect, Boaz, an INSEAD Business Major, ran a consulting firm and held senior executive positions in several technological companies.

Boaz's dream trip:

Italian Romance

"This is the actual trip Boaz and his wife took on their honeymoon!"

Guy Dolev CEO

Suffice to say Guy is extremely well travelled, having worked in the travel industry for many years. His favorite place is Boston or else the beaches in Thailand! As well as travelling he enjoys basketball. Guy holds a BSc. in Computers & Mathematics as well as an MBA. He has successfully led many major companies, several of which were in the travel sector. He was the Co-Founder and CEO at Hidden Fares Ltd., SVP Business Development & Sales Guru at Gulliver Group and CEO at Compass E-Commerce Systems, Travelist and AU10TIX … need we go on?!

Guy's dream trip:


Eran Dvir CTO

Eran has visited over 20 countries, and the list continues to grow with annual trips that he takes with his wife and two children. He actually had a pretty awkward time on his honeymoon when the hotel in Manila turned out to be a “by the hour” hotel! Eran has a BSc. in General Biology and Computer Science. He came to RoutePerfect from JOIN where he worked was the founder and VP of R&D.

Eran's dream trip:


Oren Ahr Head of Product

Oren’s career has taken him all over the world, and he can hardly count how many places he has been! He keeps the office excited with his stories from his time in India and Australia. He has a huge range of hobbies and believes in living an active lifestyle - you can find him on Wednesday eves at his West African dance class! Oren has a BSc. in Math & Computer Science. Oren worked at SAP Labs as an initiative manager, a partner with Tamir Fishman Ventures II and as a Checkpoint system architect.

Oren's dream trip:

Biking Ireland

"Oren’s dream is a solo excursion to Northern Ireland on a bike"

Shirley Smuel Financial Advisor

Shirley holds a BA in Economics & Business Administration and is a CPA. She has over 25yrs’ experience in finance. Shirley has previously worked as CFO for a group of diamond companies as well as Tyco Electronics, Israel and at ERB, a company that provides the full-spectrum of customized financial services for start-ups, high-tech, financial, commercial and multi-national companies. Originally from Brazil, she loves helping her local community as well as reading.

Shirley's dream trip:


Danny Halperin Head of Travel Division

Danny’s love of travel began when he was just a child, and has since explored over 60 countries. It’s hard for Danny to single out just one best trip, but his trip to China and Mongolia in 1992 (before they became major tourist destinations) will always be one of his most special experiences. His hobbies include travel, travel, and some more travel! He had his passion for travel in mind when choosing his career path, and now has over 25yrs’ experience working in the travel industry in a variety of positions for major tour operators including GM and Go Global. He specializes in leisure and business tourism, both for individuals and groups, worldwide.

Danny's dream trip:


Anna Levitin Marketing Manager

Anna started her travelling at a very young age, whilst at primary school, with a vocal and dance group. Exploring Russia was not an easy task, but once she added other countries it began to be more interesting! She travelled to Iceland and Norway, spent an amazing vacation admiring sunsets in Koh Phangan as well as living a year in Boston. Anna says that travelling is all about the people who are next to you - find a nice travel partner and everything becomes bearable. Freezing in Finland waiting to visit Santa and walking in an ancient rock-hewn town in Georgia under the burning sun are Anna’s most unforgettable travel moments! Singing and dancing skills in childhood transferred to loving Latin (especially Reggaeton) dance! Sewing is another hobby of Anna’s and she hand makes gifts for her friends. Anna has previously worked as a content manager in startups and an account manager in full-service ad agencies. She is also experienced in media planning and Social Media Marketing.

Anna's dream trip:


Omri Tubiana Head of Content

Omri’s love of travel has taken him across the US and Europe. He is a ‘Magic the Gathering’ Champion, and his magic competitions have taken him all over the world. His favorite place? Australia (or at least he thinks so)! Omri holds a BA in International Relations & Communications. He worked in R&D for HP, was VP Ops for a national A-league soccer team, and he used to own a nightclub!

Omri's dream trip:


"Omri wants to explore Germany's most fun cities."

Hagit Mugrabi Head of Customer Support

Hagit’s travel experience has taken her across continents, cultures, and climates. Her favorite destinations are warm places with great beaches, and her favorite place in the world is Jamaica! Hagit came to RoutePerfect after working as a Customer Support Manager at Huliyo.

Hagit's dream trip:


Alex Cohen Support Team

Since he was a kid, Alex always loved exploring new places with his family. Alex's first big solo trip was Thailand in 2012. His passion for travel was ignited, and he has not stopped since. He spent two and a half years in Australia, and one year in New Zealand, traveling all around Asia during that period. Alex's favorite trip of all time was one month in Sri Lanka - even though he got lost in the jungle until well into the night. Most recently, Alex spent three months exploring Europe. One of Alex's favorite things to do while traveling is sample the local vegan cuisine, and bring unique flavors home.

Alex's dream trip:


Alex Rabinovich R&D Team Leader

Alex loves swimming, hiking, and traveling! These hobbies have taken him all over Europe and to parts of Africa. His favorite trip so far was his honeymoon in Zanzibar, and his favorite city in the world is Rome. Alex has a BSc in Management Information Systems. Alex previously worked at Cellcom.

Alex's dream trip:


Yehuda Tognder Head of QA

Yehuda combines his love of travel with his other hobby, diving! He has conquered most of Europe, North America, and South-East Asia. His best trip to date? Thailand - for the diving, of course. Yehuda previously worked at JOIN as a QA manager.

Yehuda's dream trip:


Elena Chaplygina Quality Assurance

Elena only took her first trip abroad at age 20, but since then she has not stopped. She has visited over 25 countries, and her most recent trip to Japan was also her favorite (so far). Elena has a BA in Economics and has been working in QA for five years.

Elena's dream trip:

Spanish Holiday in the Sun

"Elena wants to return to Spain to see even more of this fabulous country"

Risi Finkel Content Editor and Writer

Risi’s love for travel started as a small child when her parents took her on trips across Europe instead of sending her to camp for the summer. She spent her honeymoon backpacking through South America and her maternity leave road-tripping across the UK with her husband and newborn son. Her favorite place in the world? Home, sweet home. Risi has a BA in English Literature and enjoys reading, writing and hiking.

Risi's dream trip:

A Week in Switzerland

"Risi’s surprise birthday trip"

Gali Finkelman Product Manager

Gali combines her passion for traveling with her other hobbies such as yoga! She has traveled throughout USA, Europe, South America, and Asia! She spent one month in India studying to be a yoga instructor, which she says was her best trip (so far)! Gali has an MBA from the College of Management.

Gali's dream trip:


Matan Roashe Web Developer

Matan’s passion for travel has taken him all over the world. Although his best trip so far, was three weeks in the Philippines, his favorite place in the world is NYC. Matan holds a BSc in Computer Science. He joined the RoutePerfect team after working as a front-end developer at Amdocs.

Matan's dream trip:


Yuval Kainan Algorithms Developer

Yuval is quite the intrepid traveler! His trips have taken him to South America for five months, Central America for six weeks, and a month backpacking in Kyrgyzstan. Yuval’s favorite trip was hitchhiking with a truck of Kirghiz coal miners, on the national worker day. They had 10 vodka stops during this four hour drive (including the driver!). He has also enjoyed several trips across Europe, but names Koh Ngai, Thailand, as his favorite place in the world. He holds a BSc in Maths & Physics. His hobbies include playing the guitar and building stuff!

Yuval's dream trip:


Sergey Shevirev Web Developer

Sergey’s travels have taken him to the Middle East, his best trip being to Eilat, Israel. Sergey has a degree in Software Engineering and joined the RoutePerfect team after working at Devsense. He loves cars!

Sergey's dream trip:


Shiri Cohen Head of Operations

Shiri’s travels have taken her across the US and Europe. She’s also an avid skier taking annual ski trips to Bulgaria. She ‘s also an artist and spends her free time learning new things. Shiri had a previous career in graphic design and marketing at Zap Group and Rad Data Communications.

Shiri's dream trip:


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