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We got a good deal
We were very impressed with the plan that we put together. Dealing with website staff was easy. Overall I was happy that we got a good deal. 

I have recommended your website to a number of others so far and will be using it again myself for a future trip.
Great service, good value, helpful team
Having used Route Perfect before I was very happy with the service I received, the whole process is very slick and well organised, from the booking of the hotels on the website to the smooth check in process at the hotels, each hotel seems to give preferential/extra value rates for RoutePerfect bookings and I had no hesitation in booking with you again this year for our Italian Tour. Great service, good value, helpful team, I cant rate you highly enough! Well done - I am a very happy customer.
RoutePerfect is extremely user friendly
I wish to express my extreme satisfaction with Route Perfect.  Shortly after deciding that Italy was to be the place that I would next visit, I was at first overwhelmed and daunted with the thought of having to book and pay for accommodation in different cities in Italy and having to try and correspond with people whose English is less than perfect! It was at this point that I happened to stumble upon RoutePerfect on the Internet and what a blessing this turned out to be.

I would highly recommend RoutePerfect to any person wanting to organise a trip to Europe.   RoutePerfect  is extremely user friendly.  Within moments, I had my trip itinerary worked out and all the hotels booked and paid for.  

It not only provided maps of the areas, but details of the history of each place and what the worthwhile attractions would be.  They also have links to Wikipedia if you were not satisfied with the information that they provided and wanted to read more, as well as links to TripAdvisor if one wanted to read up on the standard and quality of the hotels recommended.

When I next travel to Europe or anywhere else, Route Perfect, will most definitely be my first port of call.  Thank you for making my life so easy.
RoutePerfect made it so easy
My husband and I absolutely enjoyed our trip to Europe, our only  complaint is that it wasn't long enough. I feel that we just scratched the surface and there is so much more we want to see and do. We definitely will be planning another trip in the near future.

RoutePerfect is an amazing tool, it took a lot stress off of my shoulders. 

RoutePerfect staff was awesome, I had to make a couple of changes and it was done promptly. I stayed in some really descent hotels at a reasonable price.  I love the fact that I didn't have to work too hard looking for good hotels RoutePerfect made it so easy to choose where I wanted to stay within my price range and interests. It was our first trip to Europe and we didn't know what to expect. I am so thankful i came across RoutePerfect. I tell my friends and family about it. I recommend it  to everyone who asks me about my trip.
I am looking forward to using Routperfect for my next vacation
I am completely satisfied with Routperfect. The website was very helpful for planning our trip. The choice of hotels was very good. I have been recommending Routperfect to my friends. If anything was not exactly they way I planned, it was mostly on me. I should have paid more attention to offered hotels. For example a four star hotel in Perugia was wonderful, but 20 minutes walk to the city center was a drawback.
I am looking forward to using Routperfect for my next vacation.
I would use it again!
I actually just got back from my two week vacation using RoutePerfect! It could not have gone any smoother. I can't speak highly enough about RoutePerfect and how easy it made things for booking accommodations. I actually told my brother about it before his trip to Europe, which he left before me, and he used this site as well and loved it! I tell people all the time about it! Hotels have so much convenience and all the locations were wonderful, so close to everything! I have absolutely no complaints about your site at all and would use it again!!! Hopefully soon!
10 out of 10 with RoutePerfect
My experience with RoutePerfect was fantastic! I really appreciate your service's help in planning my Europe trip!

The planning process was seamless

Everything was just fantastic with RoutePerfect, so again I thank you. 

I was very satisfied - 10 out of 10 with RoutePerfect. The package price was reasonable. In fact, I have already told several friends who are planning upcoming Europe trips about it, and they will be using it!
EXTRA easy to use
I have already recommended to several of my peers!

I am really impressed.

Saludos! Thanks for making my trip something amazing.

The platform is EXTRA easy to use, and very intuitive. Being as graphic with the actual route in google map format, photographs of each location, etc makes it much easier than other travel management tools.
This service is unmatched
This service is unmatched. We found that the reviews and ratings were extremely accurate, and the site made things super-easy during the trip planning process. HIGHLY recommended!
Very easy to use
I was very satisfied and found it very easy to use. The hotels were amazing (especially in Sorrento). I would recommend your site to anyone! Thank you!
Thanks for making our trip easier!
It was fantastic we will definitely recommend Routeperfect to our family & friends, thanks for making our trip easier!
So easy to plan
Thank you for your email, our trip was amazing. I found the whole experience of using RoutePerfect brilliant. It made it so easy to plan your trip, and work out travelling time between each place, so we weren't in the car over 2 hours each journey. The hotels we chose were great. And the reviews were spot on. We loved our whole trip from start to finish and we have already discussed where we would like to go next year. So I will definitely be using RoutePerfect again.
Very happy overall
The trip was great, we really enjoyed it.

The planning  implemented via your site was really a key part of the trip, thank you for that.

The location of all hotels was good,  Verona we had a bit of a walk , but being close to the railway station was the key for us there, so no worries. Staff in all the hotels were great.

The communication from RoutePerfect was excellent.

So very happy overall!
Your site really made the booking process so easy!
Our trip to Europe was fantastic.

My husband and I wanted to plan a 2 week vacation. This was our first trip to Europe, so I had no idea how to go about planning it, let alone booking overseas hotels without wondering what kind of place I was going to end up in. I found your site on Google and decided to check it out. I was not disappointed! It was quite easy to use.

The four rooms we booked for Paris, Milan, Venice and Florence were clean, well maintained and in good locations as promised.The fifth was a B&B in Rome, also in a great location and within easy walking distance of several of the sites we wanted to see. 

Your site really made the booking process so easy! Being able to see photos of the properties, pinpoint their locations and read reviews from other travelers gave me a sense of security that I was booking a legitimate and well tended hotel. When I emailed your site with questions, they were answered promptly by a live human. I would definitely use the site again and recommend it to anyone looking to get started on planning their own trip.
Thanks for making it all so easy!
We had a wonderful trip and the route planned through RoutePerfect was wonderful. All the hotels we booked through your company were also very good. We had no problems with the bookings or checking in processes and being able to pay in stages when we booked the trip made budgeting very easy. We found the whole process of planning our trip and booking accommodation through RoutePerfect to be very simple and have recommended RoutePerfect to many of our friends and acquaintances.
Very helpful!
I planned a trip for a small trio of girlfriends. We were very pleased with our trip to Europe, and your site is what made it such a smooth and easy process for me to select our hotels. Our hotels were all decent and all went well. We will be using your site again in the future as it was very helpful!
I can't say enough good things about this experience!
I came across your site and immediately found it extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. All of the available options, the layout, the mapping ability, and the hotel selection simulation and pricing calculations were honestly as easy as the click of the button.  The live and direct links to TripAdvisor were extremely helpful!

I have to say, despite reading the testimonials, I was really nervous about using it, but eventually your site proved to just have better pricing overall and easier mode of selection. And I realized everything worked SO SMOOTHLY! Every check-in experience was ultimately seamless. It left more time for enjoying our travel :)  I honestly believe that using RoutePerfect was one of the best online customer experiences I have ever had, if not THE BEST.  Your staff was extremely responsive, and made me feel truly at ease by being friendly, courteous and reassuring. 

RoutePerfect is honestly THE BEST TRIP PLANNING tool I have ever used. I have already recommended RoutePerfect to my group of friends.  And I honestly can't wait to use your site for booking my next European adventure.
Will recommend RoutePerfect to anyone planning a trip
I was more than pleased with my trip!  The hotels that RoutePerfect suggested were fantastic and helped keep up comfortable and on budget.  When our flight to Madrid was delayed, RoutePerfect’s customer service called the hotel (as there was a language barrier) to ensure we were able to check in.  I will recommend RoutePerfect to anyone planning a trip, and will use your services in the future.
The trip was great!
I really enjoyed using RoutePerfect and will definitely be using it more in the future. I used to use another website, but not any more. Your site has much better hotels. All check-ins were smooth, and hotels were as advertised. The trip was great!
We will use RoutePerfect again!
I came across your website whilst planning an impromptu trip to Italy.  Although we only booked hotels with you, I found your website a great help. We traveled by train and found Italian trains to be very good.  The rooms we booked with you were all good.  The locations were great.  The hotel in Viareggio was a great treat.  I would definitely recommend your site to anybody planning a trip.  We will use it again .... Vietnam and Cambodia next!
We had a perfect trip!
We had a perfect trip! The planning process went well and is very easy to do and the suggested hotels - mostly based on TripAdvisor reviews - were good. There is nothing I'm not satisfied with and would highly recommend your platform to others.
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