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Everything worked like clockwork
Have just arrived back in NZ after being away for one month... I cannot speak highly enough of your organisation very informative, very professional and met all expectations. Everything worked like clockwork and went without a hitch. I have already recommended your organisation to friends and relatives who need help in planning a European tour.

Thanks again for your very impressive website and your attention to detail.
The hotels were very nice
The trip went very well and the hotels that we stayed in were very nice.  I would say the overall experience with RoutePerfect was good and if we go another trip like that we will go back to the website.
The site made everything easier and faster with a great price
The site was of great help since I was already on the road when I had to plan the final part of my trip in Italy, I didn't have much time to spend on it and the site made everything easier and faster with a great price. 
Italy has a lot of different routes, the site gave me a lot of options and insights to make a good plan.
Overall it was a great experience, I would definitely use it again.
Our holiday organizing would not have been possible without RoutePerfect!
Your website was a revelation! Our holiday organizing would not have been possible without it! The minute I found the site and starting navigating it I was telling everyone about it.
I played around with it for about 3 months before we actually booked our holiday in February 2016. It was amazing to see the distance and time between each destination and the routes we could take. Then going onto the hotel booking section was very easy.
Your team were great when we were missing a confirmation email as well.
We had an amazing trip and I would recommend to anyone travelling around instead of lying on a beach for 2 weeks.
We also got engaged while we were in Rome, so it was the perfect holiday!!
Bottom line....we love RoutePerfect
Your website was a gem to find online. It gave me a sense of what our girls could do on a trip to Spain. Ultimately, your website was the deciding factor on how to accomplish their trip.
Your support team was awesome.  As we developed a relationship, they were more than helpful.  The two times we asked for changes during the trip, customer support was on board to help. It was a good feeling to hear back from them with multiple choices and I never felt like it was a pain for them. 

Bottom line... we love RoutePerfect.
We would certainly use your service again
We had a great holiday and congratulate you on the way in which you organised this holiday for us. The vast majority of hotels were absolutely excellent. We would certainly use your service again and will be happy to recommend you without reservations. We are hoping to book another holiday with you later in the year.
The hotels were all excellent
Everything went perfectly.  The hotels were all excellent and I will definitely use the site again.  It can be a nightmare choosing hotels and for those that don’t want to be tied down to a package holiday; it is ideal as well as considerably cheaper.
Everything on our trip to Poland has been perfect
Everything on our trip to Poland has been perfect, hotels, tours, trains and the weather!
All suggested hotels have been very nice; staff was very friendly and helpful in all of them.
I suggested it to some of my friends.
Thank you for your site and I shall definitely use it again when travelling in Europe : )
Our honeymoon was great
The trip went great. It was our honeymoon, so it was extra special. We had reason to be in touch with some of your reps as we weren't happy with one of our hotels. While we didn't get our desired outcome, they were responsive, courteous, explained the situation to us clearly and provided us with some options. 

Overall we were impressed with the product and have mentioned it to a few friends already. It's a great idea and we loved the connectivity to Tripadvisor and the inputs options for method of travel, style of holiday and locations. We also liked the itineraries that were sent as follow up.
An amazing website that really helped us plan the perfect trip!
I happened to find RoutePerfect.com just by Google search when my wife and I were talking about the possibility of traveling in Europe. It's an amazing website that really helped us plan the perfect trip! 

The planning process was very easy, and the suggestions that the site made for us really helped and we were able to find many awesome places. The selection of the hotels was great and I really like how the site is linked with TripAdvisor to make sure that you are picking a good hotel.

The package price was very good, and cheaper than other sites.
Planning was a breeze through RoutePerfect
We had a fantastic trip and RoutePerfect was an ENORMOUS help in our planning process! 

The planning was a breeze through RoutePerfect, even when we had to make a few hotel changes, it was all handled VERY smoothly.  I could not be more pleased. 

We will definitely use RoutePerfect.com again when planning our next big trip! 

Thanks again, I love your site and recommend it unreservedly.
RoutePerfect was a great way to find hotels
We really enjoyed our trip, and found RoutePerfect was a great way of finding hotels that were just right for us! We are hoping to do a similar sort of trip next year!
You exceeded our expectations
My husband and I enjoyed our days in Switzerland immensely. Each hotel was perfect for us. Each was different. Each was in a great place for walking trips and good food. We were a bit nervous about the reservations, but you exceeded our expectations. We will use RoutePerfect again and tell others about the great tools you have that make trip planning so much fun. Thank you.
RoutePerfect provides an excellent service
It was the first time my wife and I took a trip where we were dependent on public transport, so being confident in the hotel arrangements was essential to us.
The trip was an experiment to see if we would enjoy this kind of holiday, and the answer is a big yes and we intend to go on more ambitious journeys in the future.
RoutePerfect provides an excellent service to anyone wishing to plan a holiday that can be molded to fit your individual requirements. Response to inquiries were quick and I would not hesitate to recommend RoutePerfect.
Keep up the good work, we hope to be in touch in the near future.
I plan on using RoutePerfect again
I was very pleased with your website. I plan on using it again for more of my future trips. 

The website was easy to navigate and your customer service was on point. 

I loved your website and plan on using again!
The hotels were great
The trip was phenomenal. The hotels were great. I have recommended the site to may of my friends. Your staff was very helpful.
I planned our honeymoon with ease
My experience with RoutePerfect was better than I expected. The website was intuitive, the staff were extremely helpful and I can't think of a single bad experience with the RoutePerfect service.
We had a wonderful trip. The hotels were what we expected them to be, except one which was WAY better than expected.
With your site, I was able to plan our honeymoon with ease, without any travel agents. I'm lead to believe that we got the best hotel prices as well and I was happy with what we paid. I managed to save a lot of money for shopping :)
Our Italy trip was amazing, and exactly how we imagined.
Our hotels and your services were great
Firstly thanks a lot. Our honeymoon trip was awesome. Our hotels and your services were great. It was really helpful. Not even for a second we felt that we planned things all on our own through this website. This site is really perfect. THUMBS UP!!
All the hotels worked out perfectly
All the hotels worked out perfectly. As it was our first time to Greece, and we did not know the areas when booking, we ended up in perfect locations in Mykonos and Santorini. Our hotels were lovely, the people were friendly and accommodating, and the trip itinerary worked out great. 

When we had to change hotels based on small itinerary change, your staff was on the ball and made all the hotel changes for us and the payment was easy.
Loved my experience with you guys!
The trip was amazing! I gotta say I was super pleased with everything you guys did. The hotels were great, everyone was extremely nice and helpful, the hotels were clean and very central to everything! 

Loved my experience with you guys! It was easy, cheap and quality! 

I've already been recommending you guys with my friends!

I'll definitely use your site again! 

Thanks for everything!
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