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Planning was so much fun
We were very happy with the service we received from RoutePerfect. Planning was so much fun and it was easy to play around with the different itineraries.
We had no problems and it was extremely convenient to use the vouchers. The location of the hotels were great and according to what we expected.
I also love the fact that you can select different budgets and modify these as well as the suggested itinerary.
A fantastic holiday, five countries in ten days
I found the process really easy. Simple layout and lots of options.

It was helpful to see the route, allowing me to choose towns better ensuring that the journey would not take us out of our way.

Four of our hotels where within easy walking distance of the city center. The hotels were very easy to find with the use of your paperwork and a sat nav. 

All in all it was a fantastic holiday visiting five countries in ten days. Five different cultures and five different experiences. 

I am happy to recommend all the hotels we stayed in.
We saved a fortune
The route planning facility was a pleasure. Your prices were very competitive and made staying in some very nice hotels possible. I double checked every hotel's rate and we saved a fortune booking through you. Your website style makes planning fun, just the way it should be. 
I have already recommended your site to everybody and we will definitely be using it in the future. I am already getting excited about using it to plan our next trip.
The price was unbeatable
Your service was perfect! We loved our hotels. The price was unbeatable and the selection of hotels was right on!
Thanks so much for all your help
My sons and I had the best time  together driving from Rome to Normandy. The trip was trouble-free.  I really appreciated that the person who called me to finalize my travel reservations let me know that one of the hotels was not available. She made sure that I got a comparable hotel for almost the same price as my original choice. It made me feel good that there were still companies that cared about their clients.
The trip and your service were great
The trip and your service were great.  The site was really helpful in the planning process, giving me an idea of possible routes. As far as hotel selection, there were so many choices and the cost very competitive.
Checking in the hotels with vouchers was seamless, no confusion with the staff of any kind. All I had to do is to give them my vouchers.
So all in all, everything went well and I truly appreciate your services!
The answer we were looking for
RoutePerfect was the answer we were looking for! The trip budget options and the the reviews of the hotels gave us a feeling for what to expect when we got there. Pricing was very manageable - we opted for a Moderate Trip, and we easily stayed within our own budget! 

The website was easy to use, auto or manual mode. The trip was made a lot easier by the simplified accommodation selection process and having our hotels pre-paid.
A perfect honeymoon!
We just returned from our honeymoon to Italy - we used your site to plan virtually the whole trip. I don’t have to tell you what a powerful tool you have created. We planned the perfect trip, and RoutePerfect delivered.  We saved a lot using RoutePerfect, which was evident at every place we stayed and checked their rates. I  was raving about your site before we left, and we will be telling everyone about it.
Your crew was really helpful
Planning was fun and your crew was really helpful.  I had a problem with the website accepting my credit card, and I panicked because my first choice for a Berlin hotel was unavailable when I re-entered my info. I found out it had gone through and I had paid twice.  The support team was very quick to get my refund.

The accommodations were good. 

I was satisfied with RoutePerfect and have already recommended it to friends!
I love RoutePerfect!
All that I can say is that I love RoutePerfect! It really helped me to organize my trip! 
I was very satisfied with all of our hotels. 
We visited more than 10 cities, so the way you organized your website helped a lot to choose the hotels.
I was also very surprised by the price.
I recommended your website to many people, and of course I am going to use it again on my next trip!
Our trip was perfect and the price was even better
Everything was great! Our trip was perfect and the price was even better. 
Overall we were extremely happy with the site and have already recommended it to friends.
Our hotels were amazing
Our trip was wonderful! Our hotels were amazing and I highly recommend your site to anyone that will listen!
RoutePerfect worked out... perfectly!
I had an amazing time on my trip and RoutePerfect worked out...perfectly! 
I cannot express enough how much RoutePerfect helped me plan my perfect trip to Italy. The process was incredibly smooth, the site easy to navigate, and everything was perfect at each hotel and we checked in/out with ease.
You went over and above my expectations!
We were very satisfied with our trip! It went very smoothly thanks to RoutePerfect. You went over and above my expectations! When we needed to change hotels on our itinerary, your staff was accessible by phone, willing to help, and promptly made the changes that I needed. Thank you for your website, it's very helpful and user friendly.
Fabulous holiday made all the more relaxing
The selection of hotels offered the perfect choice of quality hotels in our price range. As we traveled it was wonderful to know that each new hotel we arrived at would be as good if not better than the last.  The team and RoutePerfect couldn't have been more helpful. I have recommend Rout Perfect to everyone, and we are already planning our next holiday with RoutePerfect. We had a holiday of a life time.
I can't believe how easy it was
It was my first time traveling to Europe and I didn't even know where to begin. I don't think I could have planned my trip without RoutePerfect.

I used RoutePerfect to book all my accommodations and I am glad I did. It was so easy and I was able to customize my trip to fit my budget. My hotel in Karlovy Vary was the nicest I've ever stayed at.
We were thoroughly pleased
My wife and I had a marvelous trip to Italy and we will cherish the memories.  Additionally, we were thoroughly pleased with our itinerary and the package that was provided by RoutePerfect.  I have your website bookmarked and I will definitely be using it again in the future!
RoutePerfect lived up to its name
Your site is easy to navigate and being able to request breakfast and parking was fantastic. Mapping out a route based on where we wanted to visit was easy and we could tweak it so we didn’t have huge distances between locations . Your team is very efficient and they sorted a new hotel that met our requirements when one was unavailable. The hotels were excellent, clean to a high standard, and, staff were friendly.
A Good Experience
Overall it was a good experience. The best part of it was to discover new places (Barcelona and Venice were my favorites). Also, the hostel in Venice was a great pick. All and all, I am rather satisfied with the package and the service provided by RoutePerfect.com, and I already recommended it to a few friends.

Thank you for operating this service. Hopefully, I will keep RoutePerfect.com in my mind for future trip plans in continental Europe. Meanwhile, should you have some great deals on packages, please let me know.
We had a wonderful time
We had a wonderful time.  Whenever we talk about our trip with others, we often start with how cool of a website we found to plan our trip. All of the hotels we booked through you were excellent.
We will definitely be using your site again on our next vacation, whenever that may be!
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